Why Microsoft says one of its biggest bets is ‘years ahead’ of Salesforce and IBM

Microsoft comes ahead to announce the new tool to help decipher meaning of the huge data stored in the repository of every single business. Power BI, the new product from Microsoft, has the ability to extract simple information out of the complicated and humongous data and help the business understand how to derive decisions out of them without the help of an IT professional. It is expected to be available on 24th July. While the paid preview is already out there and is in use, after the official release, the real exodus is expected to begin. After the appointment of the new CEO, Satya Nadella, it is Microsoft’s first product and he has continuously mentioned analytics and data management to be future focus of the company.Why Microsoft says one of its biggest bets is ‘years ahead’ of Salesforce and IBM

New horizons in software business

Of course, every company looks for new areas to conquer in the field of software business. The Power BI product leader points out this very situation as Microsoft attempts to reach the pinnacle of cloud-based business analytics. The market for such technology is an unchartered territory and hence, Microsoft is looking to become the creator of the first success story. Of course, business analytics is an opportunity that is out there to explore, multiply and enhance. It can grow manifolds by proper strategic steps. While Salesforce surprised everyone by introducing the browser-based customer relationship management or CRM technology and Workday has become a stiff competitor of PeopleSoft, Microsoft is the first company to venture a new horizon altogether.

The cutting edge of Microsoft

While there are many big names like Good Data, Tableau and Tidemark who have started out in the field of data analytics and even the names like Domo, there is none like Microsoft. Their claims of being the simplest measure to visualize and store high amount of data will fall short in front of Power BI and its user friendly nature. It is so quick to integrate information that within 5 minutes of the account creation, you can get started. It will immediately create charts and pie charts to help you understand your business flow in a colorful and interesting manner. No matter what the others say, they can never offer such feature.

Taking a step ahead of others

Salesforce Wave and IBM’s Watson Analytics have similar features to that of Power BI. But, the usability creates a major difference in terms of the new Microsoft release. You do not need to become a business analyst to understand the whole procedure of Power BI; it will lay bare the whole procedure and help you understand the flow without hindering it with jargons. Hence, it remains years ahead in terms of such advantages. Power BI has a surprising feature of integrating data from older products like Excel and creates statistical models for work. Also, it can accept data from Salesforce, GitHub etc. It takes a step forward in terms of increasing user base and supports all kinds of modern data types. But most of all, it is a smart way to do dig out customers through business intelligence.

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