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Tom Cruise played the role of the protagonist in the futuristic movie by Steven Spielberg called the minority report in 2002. The main story was about a law enforcement team who had the special power to predict a crime even before it took place. They made use of different technology and people to arrest the perpetrator before the crime was even committed. There was an entire scene that was devoted to customers walking through a mall being served advertisements. The advertisements were served on the basis of who was walking through the mall. At the time this seemed to be a preposterous idea. However, many unrealistic ideas of sci-fi movies have been developed for real after a couple of decades. So was the condition with this idea as well.In-Store Beacons & Analytics

The newest technology

In 2015 customers and retailers alike see the arrival of in store beacon technology. The technology aims at sending offers to the customer’s phones while they are inside the shop. The way to use this is extremely easy. The customer needs to opt for this new technology to be able to use it. The customer can opt for the technology by downloading the application of the shop on his or her smartphone. Once downloaded the customer has to opt for in store notifications and updates and put the Bluetooth mode on in his or her phone. The location needs to be shared for the maximum benefit. The two recent innovations in this field belong to Facebook and Target Corporation.

The recent innovations

Target has become the pioneer of this kind of technology by inventing a newsfeed like a stream of content. The application has been introduced with a newsfeed service called Target run. This feature runs across the home screen of the application displaying content that will be solely based on the location of the user who has opted for this particular service. In this way customers save up on a lot of time and money by finding what they are looking for instantly without any delay whatsoever.  In fact some of the stores are more concerned about increasing their offerings than their in store shopping. Facebook has designed a range of beacons with an aim to enhance the advertising capabilities with the help of location specific advertisements. They are handing out these beacons free of charge to retailers all over the country. There are many advantages to this kind of marketing. However it needs to have the correct strategy to get the maximum benefits.

The requirements from the technology

Firstly, these types of technology are not traditional sources of data. Hence, it needs to pull out and connect data from different sources to make a whole that will be useful to users. Upgrading to such technologies will ultimately create new patterns of shopping. These will require an end to end visibility of supply chains in order to ensure a proper level of service. Moreover, analytics shall be at the point of decisions. It is very essential to the success.

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