Marketing Teams Will Soon Include “Engagement Scientists”

A new kind of job is coming up in the market recently. It blends all the skills required of a marketing expert with that of a data scientist. The profession is known as the engagement scientist. It is seen as the evolution of the role of the data scientist. In fact, there is a high possibility that this particular branch of profession shall become extremely important and popular in the next few years.

What is engagement science?

Engagement science is a way to integrate the different data and marketing strategies. It helps marketers and data scientists alike to interact with customers in a more meaningful manner. Through this science, a better understanding is created of how customers interact with the brands they use and this information is then use to implement important strategic decisions that are solely based on the analysis of such data. Through this science a reactive approach is converted in to a proactive one. A growth hacker may utilize some aspects of this engagement science. However, this does not mean that growth hacking is equivalent to engagement science. It is because this particular science connects all its measurements such as email opens and so on with marketing decisions directly. It is done through statistical models. Here, intuition and wisdom have very small roles to play.Marketing Teams Will Soon Include Engagement Scientists

How to create the perfect role

There is no fixed role for engagement scientists. They act as a bridge that connects marketing, engineering and data science. A data scientist is good at drawing intelligent insights from a set of data. An engagement scientist takes this to a higher level. These scientists will also make sure that the analysis that is derived is finally converted to value for the customer and the brand in general. The scientist understands what comprises of success and value for marketers. He knows how to measure it very well. He or she can also understand the statistics involved and understands the difference between correlation and cause. The gap between these skills can come in the form of an individual. However, it can also be an investment in teams and people that already exist.

Taking the slower way

Essentially the language of marketers and data scientists are very different. It is very difficult to convey what one means to the other. Most of the time the maximum part of the meaning gets lost in translation. The most useful discussions happen at the level of the product. Most of the members of the team have worked with product languages and can grasp this particular language. Hence, this is a language most people understand and it can be used for the maximum benefit. Mostly this particular territory is completely new. Hence, when people do not understand it, they should not pretend otherwise. Everyone should approach this new space of work with absolute honesty and integrity. Companies in different stages of development from startups to enterprises are evaluating the value that can be added by this new branch of science and are coming up with positive results.

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