IBM to shutter dataviz pioneer Many Eyes

IBM will be closing its many eyes collaborative data visualization service on the 12th of June and this was reported according to a notice that was posted by the website of Many eyes. There were no further details besides an apology for all the inconvenience caused. It is a possible situation of IBM consolidating cloud based visualizations to its latest Watson Analytics offering. IBM has been determined that there is no longer any value in supporting a community service like the Many Eyes in a world where there are a lot of web- based options.

Democratization of visualization

The cloud based dataviz services came and went. However that wasn’t the exact case in 2007 when Many Eyes was launched. The service had promised what had been called by IBM as the new democratization of visualization. This was done by allowing pretty much any person to upload easily, visualize and also share all their data. Here the key was easily. Right now it may be very hard to remember, but having the ability to upload all the data and also create a shareable and interactive web visualization with the help of a couple of clicks is a pretty great idea at this time.IBM to shutter dataviz pioneer Many Eyes


The website of Many eyes was left unattended for a while after the corporate funding for all the development projects had ended. However Many eyes has been bought out of hibernation in the year 2013 with a significant redesign and also some various other latest capabilities. According to a recent IBM bog post by Frank Van Ham, visualization and an information interaction expert at the IBM congos. This has just extended the life of this website by around 2 years. During its lifetime, the website of many eyes has been used by thousands of satisfied users across the world. However it can easily be assumed now that the users will not be able to do so for much longer. In case you are a user of the Many eyes website, it is recommended to save all the data that is required from the web site before Friday.

Data visualization

Data visualization has become so popular in recent times because of Many Eyes. This website can allow anyone who has registered with the website to upload and then visualize any data set that they can lay all their hands on. There are numerous people around the world who have uploaded around 200,000 data sets that have to be visualized for free on the website of Many Eyes. This easily compares to around 600 data sets that they have uploaded to their data blog. These figures are obviously inflated because the exact same data set is uploaded several times as it can be very tricky to go back and fix all the mistakes. However it is still an impressive number by the standard of any person. Beyond all these big figures of uploads it is very interesting to look at all the trends. The kinds of data sets that are being uploaded are also interesting to look at.





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