Business Intelligence Helps Developer Get Prospects Out Of the Office

The cliffs has recently been in the process of merging all the operations of its club and various real estate business units into a master collection of almost seven luxury communities that were spread across 30,000 acres of South and North Carolina. They have been under a new ownership group and also a management team. The top priority however was to form a new vision and also a strategy. Ultimately they wanted to create a culture of decision making that was driven by data.Business Intelligence Helps Developer Get Prospects Out Of the Office

Collection of data

The process of collection of data was the biggest problem in this overall strategy. The sale in luxury real estate is a high touch business. The sales people prefer to be out on the touring properties like the spectacular walnut cove golf course with the help of customers instead of filling out all the reports. However the management knew that the analytics can make the whole process of sales even more effective. This obviously meant more discipline had to be applied to the sales and marketing process. The merger had represented a very good opportunity to standardize the reporting and data with the help of consistent set of analytics tools.

A disciplined system of reporting

Adams was charged with putting a much disciplined system of reporting in place. The new management team that wanted to track each of the leads that came in, the tours of the property was also conducted and the conversion rates between the stages of the sales process were also among the important things. They also wanted to deeply understand the cycle of sales in a better manner so that the promising leads could easily be given a very high level of priority. This obviously requires a good accountability of sales force.

Team led by Adams

There was a team that was led by Adams and it considered several of the options and settled on Domo. This was a solution that excelled at providing a very easy access to the operational data for the business managers in order to use modeling and analysis. Domo has become very great for all the users because the all-important front end user interface is very simply for all the business users. However it has got a very powerful back end. It also has a variety of connectors for the popular cloud based systems like the ADP and also the

The major requirement of the cliffs was to have a much better understanding on the effectiveness of all the marketing decisions. The company had used direct mail along with a variety of channels of digital marketing such as a search engine marketing strategy, social media and also banner ads. These strategies were particularly used for spreading of awareness. Such type of insights typically required a very dedicated marketing automation platform. However it turned out that Domo was up to the task and it was perfect. Now many people are able to make good use of the features and benefits offered by Domo and its counterparts.


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