SAP embraces Hadoop with new in-memory analytics tool

SAP has a new rule for the companies that are quite interesting as well as useful. This particular rule will now allow all the companies to analyze the different distributed Hadoop data along with the corporate data. This will be done with the help of the in-memory computing platform of Hana. The rule was announced very recently. The in-memory platform of Hana is a query engine that will allow the user to tap the execution framework of Apache Spark. It will also help to deliver different types of interactive analytics on the Hadoop platform.SAP embraces Hadoop with new in-memory analytics tool

Benefits of the new rule

The new rule has now extended the ability of Hana to include all kinds of distributed data within the ecosystem of Hadoop. The tool will be helping all data scientists as well as developers of data to combine the different types of corporate and external data in the analyses. This will also include the incoming data that is received from customers, smart devices, and partners and so on. This incoming data can be integrated with the data that is received from internal enterprise processes. It would eventually give all the companies a better context in order to make the correct decisions.

The utility of the platform

The platform called Hana Vora will be more useful for the organizations that have the need to analyze a large quantity of data. All the processes are done in the context of the different business processes. This will also include the financial, telecommunications, manufacturing and health care as well. The platform shall be released to the audience along with three options for the licensing of the product. There shall be an edition for the free developer, a version for the enterprise along with the support for SAP.

The new plans

Very recently, SAP also released some new plans for this platform. It included details about the different services that have already been planned for the cloud platform. The original announcement made certain promises. These will be available around late September this year. This will give additional control to customers such as device management and data connectivity.

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