MongoDB extends database to new users, adds enterprise features

The NoSQL database that was owned by MongoDB has moved on in many different ways. It has now opened its gates to a wide range of users from different fields and wakes of life. These include the data scientists, business analysts as well as executives. This was done in its very latest release that was announced very recently. This new version of the software has a number of updates and new features. It has a wide number of tools and features. These help data analysts, operations teams and the DBAs in many different ways. It will help to integrate the database within the existing toolsets and processes of the system. The new features are manifold and include the following options.MongoDB extends database to new users, adds enterprise features

MongoDB Compass

This is a graphical tool that is available with the software. It offers the capacity to explore the different databases that are available to the users both quickly as well as securely. It also helps in a variety of other tasks. These include the solution to queries that are constructed visually. It also helps to inspect the different records that are available to the users. Ultimately the tool is useful for the user in order to make smarter decisions about the different deployment options that are available.

MongoDB Connector for BI

This is also a tool that is available for the user of the software and allows the user to bring the different features such as business analysts, executives as well as the data analysts in to the broader picture of the game. It provides the user with many features. It allows the user to explore in to the modern applications and hence allows the users to gain more insight in to these applications. These are done with the help of the different BI tools that are available to the users. These tools are used in order to gain understanding of the data in hand within the systems of their legacy.

Application Performance Monitoring Tool Integrations

This is the final tool that is offered by the software. It is equally useful for the user in many new respects. For one, this tool will now allow the different DBAs as well as the different operation teams to operationalize the MongoDB software. This can be done along with the relational database that can be created. These can also be done along with preserving the investments in the application performances monitoring tools that are provided for the user by the software. Such tools include common names such as the new relic and the app dynamics software. With the help of this new software it will become possible for the user to connect like any other data source that they may be using. This will also open up the software to the different analysts of business and data as well as the data scientists and the executives. Ultimately this will become a new and exciting start to something quite novel in a direction that has not been explored as of yet and has a lot of scope.

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