Securing big data, a cross-technology challenge

Nowadays, the different companies are in the process of constantly embracing big data. Nowadays, more and more sensitive and regulated big data are being collected as well as stored by the different companies for their use. However, with the utility of big data come a lot of difficulties and obstacles as well. These valuable data have become very regular and popular targets of hackers all around the world. This is because of a number of different reasons.7 steps to IoT data security

Target for hackers

A huge amount of data has been brought in to the lake of data from many different sources of origin. Hence, with its huge diversity, breaking in to it provides a huge reward. This will reduce the necessity of breaking in to a number of individual systems a number of times in order to collect the same type of data. The data lake does not only contain raw data. It is also enriched and reconciled with data that carries a huge amount of potential for the different malicious and dangerous users so that they can gain a lot of personal insight in to the secrets of individuals or even big companies. The security systems that have been used on Hadoop and other big data systems in general still do not match their counterpart systems. Hence, it becomes much easier for the hackers to penetrate the huge data lake.

Securing this data for use

Securing the data requires both specific as well as traditional security technologies. However, it is a general process and has a number of issues with the policies. There are a number of difficult risks associated with it. The main risk is the creation of the silos for the identification of the application. This will eventually separate the big data from the rest of the system and create a divergence in the particular system of big data. There are a number of consequences for this act including the runaway privileges of the organizer. However, there are also a number of constraints on the abilities of the organization.  This makes them meet the different constraints as well as mitigate the risks of the system.

The important procedures

It is very important to identify as well as access the management across the full length and breadth of the infrastructure of the information technology. This would include both the traditional as well as the big data. The main aim of the organizations should be to integrate the different forms of big data in to the system of security that includes the process of authentication, authorization and accounting. The authentication will help to determine the identity of a particular user with the help of usernames and passwords. Authorization will allow the policies to be enforced that will determine the activities and resources that a user will be permitted to use or perform. Ultimately, accounting will be done on the resource that a user will use or consume. It should generally also have a sign that will show the access when it is compromised or stolen.

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