MapR brings down data silos with converged data platform

What is MapR Converged data platform?   

Extensive usage of a multitude of techniques and tools of data analysis has led to the multiplication and divergence of data in business organizations worldwide in the recent past. However, San Jose based enterprise software developing company MapR technologies have recently decided to alter that by introducing a new and unified data platform. Here, all the data files and databases from multiple sources will be integrated. This will also store both data at rest and in motion. This will facilitate the development of new applications that will help organizations to combat duplication of data. Earlier, maintenance of data on different platforms cost huge sums of money but with the introduction of this converged platform, expenses on data maintenance will be greatly reduced.

MapR brings down data silos with converged data platform
How does the converged data platform work?
This platform unifies Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, MapR database and MapR streams together. MapR streams is a stream system of running events of global scale and this conjoins them all with the MapR distribution. This promises to help in collecting running data greatly and analyze it.

What difference will it make?
Anil Gadre, who is the senior vice president of MapR technologies’ product management is of the opinion that the introduction of this new converged data platform will benefit the software developers and programmers to design new, state of the art apps in the field of analysis involving large, substantial sets of data.
MapR has always claimed absolute security for data and this time with the converged data platform they will look to handle a larger flow of data. However, MapR promises to not compromise with their trademark features of easy availability, data protection and recovery of data if destroyed.


Data analysis has a huge impact on global business today and it continues to grow rapidly. However, with trends changing and global trade ushering new ramifications to the market every second, it often becomes challenging to trace data on the go from multiple sources. However, with the converged data platform this is about to change.  Flow of data and analytics will be fused together and hence it will be a lot easier to make informed business decisions with available information deduced from running data.     According to the Chief of Marketing in MapR Jack Norris, the converged data platform, for example, will benefit the retailers and advertisers by enabling them to provide the latest relevant offers to their customers. The healthcare services can become a lot more personalized and telecom companies will be able to adjust and administer their service areas fast as well.
The MapR converged data platform’s stream will function continuously through more than a million locations all over the world and involve infinite subjects and messages. The existing open source projects will come into play as well and help data analysis and streaming come together to counter data duplication. Norris says that it will also help in delivering messages in a consistent order and introduce limitless persistence in a single stream.
MapR streams are likely to hit the market in early 2016.

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