Spark processing engine gains energy, users

The world of big data is undergoing a rapid, almost meteoric transformation. New technologies are emerging from the most unknown corners and new enterprises are coming up with better solutions. One of the most enduring events in the big data world has surely been the emergence of Apache Spark. Since its announcement and release, Spark has only grown in stature. Through evolution and growth, Spark now has penetrated various layers of the ecosystem run by big data. If you are a user who wants to change the common codes of the system to the codes of big data, then surely Spark will reach you before you know it.

Spark is lightning fast

Spark is often used in combination with Hadoop framework. It is precisely this combination that has contributed to its speed in its lightning fast manner. MapReduce, the erstwhile partner of Hadoop, cannot even stand in competition with Spark. The problem with Spark was initially the problem of update. Spark would need extremely updated software for complete and flawless operation. However, the greatest benefit of Spark outweighs this factor. The processing engine of Spark is at a nascent stage and hence, is still extremely powerful. Its stability is exceptional and hence, no user will have a problem installing and deploying spark.

Great reviews

The best thing about spark has been its huge support from the user base. A great amount of users have shown enthusiasm regarding spark. All the early adopters of this technology have garnered Apache foundation with rave reviews, giving them courage to go forward and innovate even more. Hence, the problem of update has become a problem of the users since if they need to stay ahead in the business; they need to keep themselves updated at every moment. Also, the cloud technology has played a major role in it.

The new sensation

Spark has arrived in the market in the form a sensation. All the other technologies could not open up dimensions that Spark has opened for big data. Since the basics of big data would mean a huge amount of data to be processed and stored, speed and storage are the two most pertinent factors. Since cloud technology has solved the issue of the storage, what the enterprises were looking for was a solution for the speed. Spark has provided the timely intervention in terms of an accelerating force.

No place for cynics

In its early days, Spark had its fair share of cynics in the IT industry. However, with number of adopters increasing steadily over the years, companies have shred off their cynicism and approached this new technology with vigour and hope. Hence, if any company is looking for some fast data processing and yet to install spark, they are only going to fall behind in this competition. So, what you need to do immediately is to encourage your data scientists to use Spark and its associative plug-ins even more. Only then can you pull yourself up and put yourself in a respectable position.


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