Apache Spark Growing

Growth is not just a matter of increment in application, but also how successfully that increment is convincing the clients to keep that application. From that perspective, Apache Spark is surely growing thick and fast. Whether you are engaged in online betting or playing some internet-based casino games, know that Spark is playing the tricks behind you. The insane amount of data that goes into play is only manageable by the Spark ecosystem where you need not bother about a host of machines. Rather, you will get the real world feel of managing a single, master machine that is pulling all the strings to make sure that the exciting offers are distributed to the targeted clientele. To look for newer and wider user base, betting websites often rely heavily on offers. If the first time users are given a risk-free bet, they are always in a win-win situation. It helps propel them to regular betting given that initially they are guaranteed some amount of money. The huge amount of investment that goes behind this promotion compels companies to adopt a technology that guarantees success. It is here Apache Spark provides an assuring hand that ensures that the promotions are in the right direction. However, the difficulty level increases when the logistics of promotions are reconsidered. Previously, those who offered real-time promotions were taking shots in the dark since they had little idea about customers. And those who had, could hardly process real-time promotions. Spark ensures that the gap no longer exists.

Data analytics on the fast lane

Since the challenge to handle incoming data in real-time is growing stronger, Spark provides an able solution and it is hardly surprising that new companies, one after another, are adopting it to provide cutting edge analytics platforms. Combined with the insurgence of Python and lately, R, the ecosystem of Apache Spark performs complex data processing in a very simple manner. As big data becomes the big factor in information-based business, most innovations are nowadays directed towards helping the users convert the big data extracts into meaningful actions without having to perform the complex integration. InsightEdge, an innovation from GigaSpaces does exactly that. It is not enough to indulge in in-memory computing or big data analytics these days. Rather, how can one create a seamless system where incoming data and outgoing operation are running synchronously? Once, it was a dream for all IT enterprises. Now, it is closer to reality than ever. An important component of such an operation is the efficiency of the storage. The Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD) technology of Spark provides precisely that. The developer can forget about handling complex data as it uses data array technology to hold any kind of data. Nowadays, the meaning of customer data is being revolutionized. Now, one can derive customer data about almost anything. In case of betting, you can know the affordability of that customer, the kind of games they would commonly engage in and hence, their risk-taking capability, how valuable they are to the enterprise in terms of their playing frequency etc. More than that, you can get a sneak peek of their activities at a given time with the incoming technology. Truly, real-time data is being stretched to extreme.

Apache Spark is surely growing thick and fast

Spark- the flag bearer for Apache

Till now, Apache has been a successful venture in terms of producing quite a few breakthrough technologies in the big data domain. Surely, the Hadoop project has made a worthy name because of its widespread use to tackle big data. However, since the release of Spark, Apache has taken the driver’s seat in controlling the big data technology. Spark has provided thousands of new companies a new base to innovate further. Spark’s unique execution technique and extremely resourceful built-in algorithm libraries are any programmer’s dream come true. Since every moment of internet browsing provides someone with business opportunity, enterprises are keen to use these opportune moments. Apache Spark provides that opportunity where real-time analytics will make every moment count. With the launch of Spark 2.0, it grows ever stronger as SQL becomes interactive in this new version. Now, Spark is using the data extraction and implementation onto itself as the tables that are frequented during a query are updated quicker than most. Now, Spark’s attempt to create a single API that enables batch processing in real-time is seeing the light of the day. However, while one basks in the glory of Spark, lest one forgets, Hadoop can never be ignored as the pivotal factor in distribution of the data across servers. It reduces buying extremely costly servers and enables even medium-level companies to implement big data technology. Hence, Spark is not an innovation born out of nothing. Rather, it is the culmination of the Apache group’s constant thriving for excellence. Coupled with Hadoop, Spark has made Apache group the pathfinder in big data innovation.

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