DataStax’s New Cloud Strategy

Apache has been an object of desire for all the cloud businesses, more so when it has become a necessity to survive the world of big data and cloud computing. DataStax is an important player in the cloud scenario and it has gained an upper hand very recently with its important acquisition. Its absorption of DataScale, widely regarded as a move to cement its position and a clear move to control the Cassandra business of Apache, has surely made its ripples felt around the industry and completely changes its business potentials. DataStax not only emerges with greater diversity now, but also can be thought of as a just and timely response to the feuds with the mighty Apache Software Foundation that have troubled the enterprise. Founded very recently, its acquisition is a signal of things to come.

What is DataScale and why is it important?

DataScale was a fast-growing enterprise founded only in 2014 and was used as a host for Spark and Cassandra. It used to run on platforms such as AWS or Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s competing service called Azure. The fact that makes DataScale is not merely what it does, but what its database service is made of. The database is a NoSQL one that is completely managed by a single tenant. Such as Data Store Service is invaluable and every company would want to use it. There is no surprise that DataStax would want to do such a thing immediately. So much so, immediately after acquisition, the service has been renamed as DataStax managed cloud. Moreover, it is no longer using the open source code for Cassandra. Rather, it is using the version proprietary to the company. This version has a smoothly integrated Apache Spark, so no harm done in that case.

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The repercussions of such acquisition

The company’s big names are excited to join the DataStax project and looks to progress further in terms of managing business focus. They are always committed to ensure that customer experience is top notch. This merging does give an opportunity to join the already successful company and take it further. While the cloud system following acquisition is under development, there is little doubt it will be a necessary feather in the cap for Amazon Web Services. Customers who are going to sign up for the beta version that will be released in public by 2017 will have the advantage of automated management and monitoring of their databases. Moreover, scaling and provisioning will be automated too and they can configure the whole process and tune it to perfection if need be.

Not the first, but surely the best

While such an effort demands recognition and applause, it is important to keep in mind that NoSQL database is not being hosted for the first time on cloud. Rather, all the big names in cloud services have done that including MongoDB, who is surely the fiercest competitor of DataStax. However, the quality of the service is surely going to raise the bar and prove to be tough competition for others. While there is much to rejoice, it is also important to note that this is not merely a move for technological excellence. Rather, DataStax has been facing trouble over Cassandra’s control due to recent ruckus. DataStax is not a player that will leave the market easily. So, it could be seen as reinforcement.

Using its influence

DataStax, despite the uneasy position recently, have had its say since the birth of Cassandra. Hence, its necessity to sustain Cassandra cannot be overstated. The fallout only shows that DataStax does have considerable influence and Apache, despite its apparent indomitable power, has to acknowledge that with this recent move. In fact, the whole debate is centred on DataStax having an advantage in the board and using it to the farthest extent. However, such claims have been dismissed by the big names of DataStax. They claim it to be another step towards refining the operational experience for their customers. They admit that the feud has left them aghast but they ensure that this is no such move. They want to better what Apache has done with Cassandra and only in that way, once could say that it’s competitive move.

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