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Analytics is surely a rage and all kinds of data are being analyzed. Among the many kinds of data, text surely comprises a huge volume. Texts are in abundance in the digital world and yet, somehow people seem to ignore its potential. However, text analytics has become fashionable for some time now and many platforms are using machine learning technology to extract important information from the plethora of texts. Such analytics are extremely necessary for social media marketing and creates a link between the various entities such as customers, employees and allows a better management of customers by analyzing various methods of textual communications.

New features in this domain

Text analytics is no longer limited to written words. Rather, they have been extended to emoticons and many other textual symbols. In fact, the potential of text analytics is immeasurable and recently, a few improvements in the technological domain surely have excited many. A new tool has been developed to study sentimental analysis. Such a tool combines machine learning and lexical analytics so that any text will be consumed and the corresponding sentiment will be articulated.


How to analyze a text?

It will produce a series of phrases and suggest a certain metrical score for the kind of text. That will allow analysts to understand various sentiments and train their software accordingly. In fact, by analyzing the trend of emoticons, social media marketing can heavily benefit from this process. From all kinds of textual data such as email messages, header and footers etc. can now be analyzed as a textual data and create a better mailbox for you. So, you will be attacked by less spam and less promotional and duplicate mails from now.

The power of the word

Such an analytics allow enterprises to expand the power of the word even further. Unbelievable amount of textual information comes through social media everyday and analyzing them could be pivotal in making the most of social media marketing strategies. Big data has opened up new possibilities and it will be reflected increasingly in the various kinds of data and their analytical strategies. In fact, new potentials have opened up as words and phrases are now being scored so that a specific marketing strategy can be scored based on the responses generated. The precision of such scores matter a lot and hence, advancements are being done to ensure that they provide useful and correct score.

The potential of this practice

Such a practice was not too distant as data analytics was progressing. However, the immensity at present is unthinkable since billions of documents are processed every single day by analytics software. Such software not only analyzes sentiments, phrases and scores but also ensures that social media marketing remains on the high and the prediction do not go wrong. While efforts are being given to integrate it further so that the mediation of a score is not even needed, it is highly likely that it will become the new tool of marketing enhancement in the days to come.

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