Python analytics 3.6 is packed with goodness

Christmas has come early for python developers because of the new version released only recently in the form of Python analytics 3.6. Python 3.5 was exciting enough but the new version is surely going places and it is important to examine what lies under the hood to understand the buzz around. The best thing about the new versions recently that you don’t have redo any of the coding or start from the scratch.

Using the required keywords frequently

The new version allows you to use certain keywords in case of comprehensions and generators such as ‘await’ which were previously used only as decoration for functions. This allows faster processing with parallel functioning of the app and hence, a better integration of the syntax. Previously, asynchronous operation in python was cumbersome and was never processed properly. However, from the version 3.5, the tide started turning completing full circle in 3.6.


Improvement in speed and memory utility

CPython is going to be faster and will surely know what to do with memory. Hence, the runtime activity will get a boost and now, Python analytics is ready to throw C a challenge now in terms of speed and this has not come in the cost of compatibility. While it is not as universally compatible as C as of yet, such a change is only showing some hope in the days to come.

A new API arrives

A new API called frame evaluation API has arrived in the new version that allows third parties to have a sneak peek into the runtime interface and evaluate the code. Thus, developers can now create debuggers for the python programs they write and plug them in to ensure even better performance for all kinds of modules. Alongside this, python now allows faster calling of functions alongside more religiously coded dictionaries.

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