SAS continues growth with 2016 revenue of US$3.2 billion

The world of analytics is bulging with each passing day and it is going to expand more so in the coming days. SAS analytics has been at the helm of it for decades and now, it has grown beyond imagination to achieve a global status like no other. A whooping 3.2 billion dollar revenue has been achieved in this year marking a year of unprecedented growth and profitability. Beyond this statistics, SAS has shown insane growth over the last year which means there is hardly any dearth of demand.

Sky is the limit

The mark of any great analytics company is to convert analytical insights in value-producing solutions and this is where SAS has intervened so successfully by redefining market equations and new technologies through their consistent innovation. Such a leader would be befitting for a global spearhead in terms of data analytics is hardly a matter of surprise. Most importantly, the growth has been uniform.

The geography of growth

SAS has grown over various geographies but most importantly, it has shown considerable potential in Asia Pacific and Latin America. In fact, what is more exciting is that the core technologies such as data management, business intelligence and analytics have been in demand mostly and the demand has been from almost all sectors. Three thousand new names have been added to the list while SAS continues to grow in the most diverse of sectors.

What drives SAS?

The question that haunts many is what is the secret of success for SAS analytics? However, the answer is not far from imagination. As data is exploding in various forms, SAS comes ahead to provide valuable insights and create decision-making opportunities from the data. It allows enterprises to manage data efficiently and they can integrate SAS platform into their business model to ensure quick processing and masterful data management. Moreover, SAS has been able to set a future goal given the current condition of technology and enterprise.

Cloud is the key

Cloud has revolutionized analytics and SAS has been using its benefits from the very beginning to ensure cost-effective and highly convenient data management over cloud. In fact, accessing cloud has become much easier and thus, new methods of management are coming throw. The new innovations in SAS have also grown in demand which has affected the revenue heavily. 2017 will only see the continuation of this stunning growth and hence, it is only the moment of upward transition.

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