A look at IBM SPSS predictive analytics tools

IBM, the name that one immediately associates with innovation, comes up with new innovations every now and then. Such an innovation has been the SPSS analytics tools that shows IBM’s eagerness to participate in the big data hullabaloo and make their presence felt. It consists of two different packages- SPSS modeler and SPSS statistics which are two different products getting united to serve the world of analytics. The modeler provides text analysis and performs data mining while the Statistics package is a bunch of products integrated mutually.

About the Modeler

The SPSS modeler is for the novice, especially the ones who are completely novice in statistics. So, the users are given an extremely simple interface with drag and drop feature. So, users can perform difficult tasks such as predictive analytics without knowing the slightest bit of statistics. The modeler helps the user in applying suitable algorithms and processes to the given data to discover the information lying beneath the surface. It allows users to bring together dispersed data sources to create an integrated and consolidated data set.

Features of the modeler

There are certain features that has been added to ensure the simplest of operations. First of all, an R support is added so that users can use R in the process of integration and can write R queries at ease. There are quite a few supports added to the process too. The modeler also provides server integration which enables greater scalability and brilliant distribution of analytics processing, especially if you are using Hadoop environment. However, there has been added support for various other environments too. It also has added some support for the geospatial data.

About the Statistics package

Statistics suite is basically an integration of various products that will provide an enhanced, professional data analysis. Unlike modeler, it is the perfect match for professional analysts and hence, these two sets complement each other in terms of usage.

The features of the Statistics suite

Apart from the usual ones that is there in the Modeler package too, this suite includes some fascinating functional features. First of all, it contains methods that will trace missing data and make sure that your data analysis knows its limitations. It will automatically import and integrate the various data sources with some commonality. Also, there are some extension modules offered to the user.

SPSS analytics tool now currently runs on the three major operating systems- Windows Mac OS and Linux. Its price, however, varies according to number of users and the license period of the tool. There are various editions for the tool including standard, professional and premium. Each of these packages include some and exclude some except the premium which is said to be the full package.

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