IoT Will Become Part of Cognitive Computing

2017 is surely heralding a new age in technology and the time has come when various fields of technology are coalescing together to form new vectors of technology. Such is the case with Internet of Things and cognitive computing. Cognitive computing, boarding on the artificial intelligence platform, is the perfect match for IoT that requires a good deal of such intelligence.

On the other hand, IoT serves all the data that excellence in computing requires. Hence, this is precisely why the two need each other desperately. However, experts are saying that this is only the beginning of a greater change to come where cognitive computing will form an envelope which both surrounds IoT and continuously is in exchange with it.

More specialized analytics

This is basically a positive feedback to say the least since the huge amount of data generated through IoT can only end up enriching cognitive computing because of the various sectors from which it gathers. Currently, IoT only operates on the various supply chains and smart devices, healthcare and few other sectors. However, if artificial intelligence can take hold of things, it is a matter of time before IoT explodes at every sphere of your lives.

Intelligence at work

It is only when analytics can start taking a predictive model does it become effective and industry standard. From individual situations to group data, cognitive science can deploy AI to extract knowledge that will in turn be fed into predictive analytics. In short, its algorithm will be in a continuous process of development where outcome of both current and past results will be molding future ones. In fact, so much so that AI can focus on specific results and then deliver accurate predictions better than the previous times. In fact, such single use cases can produce knowledge which can then be channelized into other similar scenarios.

Interaction of machine and human

Machine is literally taking over the world and it is reflected often in the outstanding development of artificial intelligence. Deep learning, machine learning and neural networks are some of the most exciting terms in technology which evinces why such a marriage is necessary. While computing involves human level decisions and IoT is about machine level actions, this is where the two defining subjects of technology meet and excel. More and more data modelling will be automated so that algorithms need not be restructured humanly. Hence, humans can take better decisions with little barriers for human errors.

Analytic data is now cognitive

IoT, as it was predicted, is going to be everywhere because of its real-time ability to generate data and extract actions from that data. What requires is an intelligent use of it which is where cognitive computing surely breaks the barriers. Thus, decisions will no longer be limited by human errors and algorithms will shape the world in a better way. It is perhaps obvious that the world is becoming increasingly networked which in turn makes neural networks a necessity in this process. Whether this can really open up new avenues or create further new problems is something to be seen.

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