MapR diversifies to cloud storage market

The world of Hadoop has never been able to make MapR dance to its tune. While it helps build the converged platform that allows running of interactive and real-time batches on a particular cluster, MapR has recently arrived with edge processing that will provide a further boost to this platform and promises a better implementation of IoT.

MapR is making sure that it is never too loyal to Hadoop by changing and shifting its courses. In fact, MapR is moving towards container services and is looking to hawk its file system to ensure low cost cloud. SAP is providing this opportunity. In short, MapR is undergoing a rebranding in terms of file system as they will be known as MapR-XD, a system that extends on the core NFS complaint interface of MapR file system through addition of a new interface to S3 storage.

What the release promises

Currently, data tiering is the sole target of this new file system as colder data migrates to S3 and allowed only a single view from the new file system. However, at its core, the metadata as well as security policies remain the same. In fact, this new support system is essentially a method to interweave S3 better into the online system.

Now, the new release allows tiering of hot data and flash storage is also supported. In fact, this may well be the sign of NVRAM to come, a new storage system that will provide the memory access speed like flash in its scale and density. In fact, the storage system has further things to offer.

MapR aiming for a new storage possibility

MapR, despite having the same compliance as EMC and other stalwarts, has billed the system at a lower price by providing modern hardware with high scalability. Surely, that puts EMC under slight threat. However, MapR is trying to ensure that cloud storage gets refurbished and add its name as the most dominant one in the list of scalable storages. MapR has largely been successful in whatever it has done with great revenue statistics. However, the growth has not exploded as such. This may well be the perfect moment for MapR to announce their arrival by providing a cost-effective and scalable solution in terms of storage system. Compared to any other cloud object storage, MapR surely provides an advantage. In a world where Amazon and Google dominate everything, MapR is slowly shifting the tides by throwing caution to the wnd.

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