10 Most Effective Data Breaches in the History of the Internet

Data Breaching is probably the most dangerous sort of crime nowadays considering data is the new currency in the world of IT. Hence, concerns about data security have suddenly spiked up internally. However, there are hardly any ripples on the surface as the market remains quiet about such breaches. Here are some of the worst incidents that happened in recent history-

Yahoo’s debacle

Yahoo suffered the worst data breach in internet history when more than 1 billion users of Yahoo were met with a sensational data breach where most of their personal information, including encrypted questions and passwords were stolen. Thankfully, the bank account information remained intact as well as the payment data.

Yahoo in the news, again

2014 was not a year of respite when Yahoo’s 500 million users were attacked by a massive hack where similar information breach to the previous one occurred. Interestingly enough, here too, unprotected passwords and payment information remained outside the purview of the attack. Surely, Yahoo was in the news for all the wrong reasons both times.

FriendFinder finds itself in trouble

Last year, FriendFinder, one of the biggest social networks for adult dating, saw a breach of 412 million users’ security being compromised. The breach resulted in a public exposure of this vast amount of data, albeit temporarily. However, that did not put the company in any kind of comfort.

Myspace becomes a space of compromise

Myspace had 360 million contacts in its database, and all of it was compromised in terms of basic account information including email addresses, passwords and usernames. That led to a complete restructuring of the security systems in 2013 and Myspace was launched with all the changes necessary. Probably, this was the only case where the whole site had been revamped to counter hacking threats.

LinkedIn is threatened

During 2012, as many as 167 million accounts were compromised during an attack on LinkedIn. The data breach left the biggest professional networking site ashen-faced as among these accounts, 160 million accounts possessed unique email addresses and hence, surely was not a good news for LinkedIn users around the world.

The massive business hack

2012 was the year of another surprisingly stirring attack of unbelievable scale. It affected the business communities most widely, including the NASDAQ and 7-Eleven. A group of Russian hackers rummaged through the database of 160 million credit cards as well as debit cards and more than 800,000 bank accounts were compromised during this breach. Surely, this is the scariest hacking phenomenon in the history of internet.

Adobe didn’t get a breather

Adobe may not be working with what you immediately understand as sensitive data, but when its 152 million users’ data were compromised, they were stunned to say the least. While the breach was imagined to be of small scale initially, investigations showed the extent of this breach and the world was left wondering. Worryingly, some of them were encrypted details of credit cards.

Heartland’s disaster

One of the earliest data breaches in internet history, Heartland saw 130 million credit card information getting exposed through SQL injection hack. Surely, back in 2009, people were hardly equipped to deal with it.

Even eBay under attack

145 million user accounts were compromised for usernames and passwords and the company had to send notification to everyone regarding password changes and other necessary steps.

Rambler- an early victim

Rambler, a website similar to Yahoo, saw 98.1 million users’ internet security being compromised. Apparently, it was in 2012 and still, the company had not encrypted the passwords and they were visible to anyone in the company. Hence, unlike other breaches, this breach was an obvious one.

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