Python mastery is crucial for programmers

Python is a programming language that is gaining currency so fast that it may soon become the most popular, if not the most important programming language in the world. Any developer who wants to make it big in the world of coding must learn python immediately or the person will fall way behind in the race.

While python is a general purpose language, it has become popular with the rise of big data and often heralds the more complicated programming languages. It is widely known as the programming language that has laid the foundation for big data to grow. However, you should learn python for the following reasons, and not simply for big data-

An old language with renewed relevance

As it so happens with any efficient and potentially powerful programming language, it takes a particular application to make it globally popular. Such is the case with Python. It has been around for so many years and developers have tried new methods of making it better. In fact, the language has been debugged for years to make it perfect and suddenly, the arrival of big data has changed the game. The world of analytics seems unthinkable without python and big data applications without python seems an impossibility. So, its sudden application in data science makes its knowledge a coveted one.

A versatile and easy language

Python is one of those high level languages that actually resemble human communication. Python has lesser syntaxes to remember and special situations to mug up. Hence, as long your logic is in the right place, you can code well with python. Hence, you need no crash course or refresher course to get used to Python. Even if you are a beginner, you can simply chart out the algorithm and start writing great code. In fact, the new learners often think that python’s only application is in data science. It is hardly the case since there are a wide number of applications for which python works wonderfully.

In fact, almost all kinds of software operations or development supports python. Be it website development, cloud infrastructure or local machines, customizing small tools or SQL databases, AI or object-oriented designing- Python has its influence across diverse domains and hence, with its increasing popularity, learning python may well be the reason for your next promotion.

Great training programs

Python is not simply an easy and great languages for those who have algorithms in their heads and simply want to write them down, it also comes with a host of great training programs for the learners. There are diverse programs dedicated to various applications and different areas of coding. For example, you have seen diverse filters across apps that post pictures or make your camera smarter by adding them while you take the photo. If you learn how to program such filters, you may well land a job in Snapchat or Instagram depending on your programming skills. In fact, if you are intuitive enough, you can learn the language in one single day and improve your skills by practicing.

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