Location Analytics: Career Around In-Store Measurement

In-Store Measurement and Location Analytics is gaining significance rapidly with the improvement in technology. The growth of analytical software and the need to quantify everything is one of the reasons why building a career around In-Store Measurement and Location Analytics is a lucrative choice in the present world.

Once upon a time, digital tagging was a critical skill. That day has since long passed. Tagging has now become an in demand skill and in the field of analytics and technology, in demand skills keep changing all the time. People need to be building new skills according to the needs of the market. Location analytics has a big future in the digital world.

The concept of analytics became compelling with the rise in competition between physical and digital experiences. Online experiences have become quantified while physical experiences have become a mystery. Online trends regarding customer eccentricity, analytics and experimentation are in play – and all these factors lead to the significance of location analytics. It will not be long till the measurement of a customer’s journey will be a must have for the web world. This will result in new jobs, new departments, new roles and new opportunities.

Those who have began a career in digital analytics early have already carved out admirable careers for themselves. Early adopters of a new technology that is going to be popular have a huge win for their personal brands. They are guaranteed lucrative career options and all other good stuff. Location analytics won’t just be limited to only retail market, but it is going to be EVERYWHERE. Understanding customer experiences will be a must for every business out there.

Those who want to start a career around in-store measurement and Location analytics right now, the question of being successful is the main thing that worries them. Location analytics looks to be promising and here to stay. The systems are more than good enough to perform interesting measurements. DM 1 enables people to do so much with the data collected as well. If a person knows how to deal with digital analytics then he will be able to do A LOT with the data. Success should not be a worry for them at all.

There is risk involved in every single business out there and there’s nothing different when it comes to location analytics as well. But, the concept still being pretty new is starting to rapidly mature. The technology keeps getting better and the software keeps improving. The challenges are getting budget, driving change and getting authority. Most people don’t have any idea about data being available and count on their hunch and intuition instead of being sure. Location analytics will become more and more popular as more people come to know about the existence of such a system.

Study of customer experience and behaviour is a complex study and hence makes this career choice deeply fascinating. The data is not stagnant but always changing as the people and their behaviour keep changing as well. There is a purpose behind the measurement and opportunity of designing solutions and not simply analyze problems. Location analytics and in-store measurement will definitely become a prosperous discipline in the future.

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