the power of location analytics

The power and importance of location analytics continues to grow exponentially as the modern day consumer’s expectations towards retailer service and performance continue increasing as the number of businesses undergoing digital transformation in connection with their consumers continue to increase as well. Technology has become an integral part of the modern people’s lives almost everyone possess a smartphone or a tablet and have access to the internet. This enables the consumer to interact with the businesses they desire to buy from, on their very own terms.

People are able to search for, purchase, and compare items from different businesses and choose from a large pool of options anywhere and anytime. Availability of items in a store or the location of a departmental store can be find out by simply checking the cell phone. Customer experiences have been enhanced thanks to modern technology and the power of location analytics.

With the demands of the customers there to be fulfilled, businesses have to ensure that satisfaction of such customers is their main priority by providing superior service. The bar is being set high by online retailers who offer same day deliveries. The store is being brought right to the customer’s front door. Customer expectations are rising with every passing day and this becomes a differentiating factor for the retailers who have to keep up with such expectations.

A lot of retailers have tried to keep up and provide customer satisfaction but have soon realised that it is hard to execute. An expensive and complicated process cannot be executed without the right tools and here is where location based analytics comes into play. Home delivery can become fast by using location data for planning of site placement with improving overall consumer service and using this data, integrating it into an analytics platform which is spatial. Location data helps businesses to avoid and prevent impact of uncertainties usually faced in the course of delivering, such as delays due to accidents, traffic and construction.

Using data analytics platform empowers the retailers to achieve success by improving their operations. Safety regulations can be complied with by tracking the trucks and orders on the roads and manage their service levels at the same time. Multiple deliveries are made possible efficiently by optimizing routes. Live weather information is taken into account to plan deliveries accordingly and avoid any potential disruption.

Customer satisfaction has been improved by the businesses in several ways. Customers receive trigger notifications when there is a problem with the delivery to make them aware that the deadlines will not be met. Customers can track their incoming deliveries through the internet and be aware of when the delivery is supposed to happen.

Home delivery has become a basic requirement for all the retailers who are interested in expanding their brand by engaging and creating a better relationship with their consumers.  A competitive home delivery service can be sustained by having a credible and consistent system that fulfils constantly evolving expectations of the customer and being smart financially at the same time. Spatial analytics provides the means to fulfil these objectives. It offers operational intelligence based on smart and interactive mapping with the help of location analytics.

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