New MapR Orbit Cloud Suite Extends Analytics Clouds and Edge

MapR Technologies Inc., San Jose, California, launched a new programme named MapR Orbit Cloud Suite on 29 th August, 2017. This programme offers a holistic approach towards cloud computing. This programme, for the first time manages data across various types of cloud like hybrid clouds, single and multiple cloud as well as the edge.

The rapid growth and popularity of cloud computing has brought about a change in the outlook of the IT companies. They are modifying the infrastructure and applications to give way to cloud computing. It is seen that most of the companies vouch for the agility of cloud computing while the others go for its cost effectiveness quality.

As the cloud based computing expands, the companies have to face a few challenges. Many complexities arise which hinders the agility of the system. The need of the day is a cloud which can form a solid network with the cloud provider and deliver a cost effective project as well as a cloud capable of implementing co-ordination between the various cloud and remodelling itself according to requirements. This will enable a smooth flow without hindrance.

This is where the MapR Orbit Cloud Suite fits in. It maintains the balance by distributing data between private cloud , public cloud and edge.

A closer look

 MapR orbit cloud suite archives data thus giving cost advantage. Meanwhile it makes the provision for easy accessibility, promising a smooth running of the operation. It can act according to need by putting off or on the data requisites. It can bring into action different customised cloud under one roof, thus enabling the companies to use any cloud of their choice, which may have new features or specific function. MapR Orbit Cloud fecilitates network between various sorts of cloud or between clouds and on-premises.

It also secures the system and energises cross cloud data fabrics. It synchronises database by assuring communication between a fabric of clusters. It helps in activating data in case the application runs down. It works in the edge as well. It has features which can automatically facilitate the migration of data from cluster to cloud. It also works fine when the internet connectivity is down or none due to its huge queuing capacity.

On the other hand when the bandwidth returns it sees to it that the network is not overcrowded. Converged cloud can be created by cloud builders with the help of MapR. This enables multiple players with different goals to share a platform and make use of the data. MapR thus becomes a storage station for different types of cloud.


The various organisations now want to utilise the agility and cost effectiveness of cloud computing. However, they have to face many obstacles in achieving so. Here come the benefits of MapR Orbit cloud suite. It is “the” platform which provides both smooth running of data flow between different types of cloud as well as edge, and ensures financial gain.

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