Cloudera Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Results

The Cloudera financial results for the for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2018 is out. The results show very glaringly that business has taken a turn for the better when compared with the figures obtained in the quarter before this one one focus.


The statistics are very encouraging. We are not going to bore you with the arithmetic of the figures; but in a simple, lay-mans language, we are going to present the figures under the layman’s subheadings below:

  • Q2 subscription revenue

This is a base calculation of money that comes in through the Q2. An analysis of the figures here shows that there has been a steady increase in figures year in year out. The results for this financial quarter in question shows a healthy 46% increase over that of last year. Business has been good in this regard.

  • Net expansion rate

The net expansion rate was also figured into the performance for the outgoing quarter. A comparison of the % of things in the quarter in the review compared to the preceding quarter shows that there is something to cheer. There are a princely 140% increments over the performance of the immediate past quarter. This performance also calls for celebrations.

  • Net new Global

The statistics of the net new global also show a growth rate. For this quarter in consideration, there were 45 new net globals. It also gives a figure that 8000 customers were added to the network during the outgone quarter.

  • Acquired Fast Forward Labs

When the figures obtained in the fast forward labs are compared with that obtained for the previous quarter, it points in the direction that business is moving in the right direction. Cloudera is a leader in applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Actual Total Revenue

Quoting from the figures released on September 7, 2017, for Cloudera’s second quarter fiscal 2018 which ends on July 31, 2017; the total revenue shows an increment of 39% from the second quarter fiscal 2017. This amounts to $89.8 million.

The subscription revenue amounted to a fiscal total of $74.0 million. It was 79% of total revenue in the last quarter, but it stood at 82% of total revenue in this dispensation under review.

Going by the figures released above, it confirms that business has been good in the last quarter. They have indeed taken the art of empowering people to transform complex data into a simple, clear, actionable formats.

The belief in Cloudera is that they can work on data towards making what is impossible today a reality tomorrow. That has been their mission statement; the positive results posted for the second quarter fiscal 2018 shows that they are getting things right.

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