Cloudera Enables Globe Telecom to Manage Mobile Data Growth

Data use is exploding, yet are telecom providers making use of customer data in return?

Bandwidth demand is growing by 60% every year, globally on an average. This means that customers are spending more and more time using their phones for internet applications than actual calls. The more customers are “logged in” to their data plans, the more opportunity the telecom provider has to study the customer. This means that streams of valuable data about consumers is available to the telecom players for analysis and effective use.

However most of the telecom players believe that bringing together this valuable consumer data, collecting it from across sources, on the same platform is the biggest challenge to mining insights.

Cloudera addresses telecom’s data challenges

Cloudera believes that enriching customer data constantly, using predictive analytics to identify the leading indicators of customer churn can save billions in revenues lost for telecom operators. Not just in preventing customer churn, effective predictive analytics can help telecom operators design customized offers that earn more revenue from the same customer.

Globe Telecom, Cloudera’s client, achieves revolutionary success

Globe Telecom is a leading telecom player in the Philippines. Like every other telecom player, Globe Telecom’s data traffic increased at an amazing rate, at that of 85%. The revenue contribution of their mobile data plans is also growing at a considerable rate.

It is very clear to Globe Telecom that mobile data is a strategic opportunity to unlock business growth. Focusing on customer data and their interaction and usage of mobile data can lead to valuable insights. It can enable the company to tailor offering to customer demand, it can respond quicker to customer needs.

Though focusing on this opportunity is everyone’s priority, a whole new set of data related challenges rise to the fore. Globe Telecom is bombarded with an incessant, continuous stream of consumer data. At every point it is possible to know who the consumers are, how they use their mobile, how they would ideally like to use their mobile data plans and what would delight them beyond measure from their telecom provider. However this produces difficulties in collecting, organizing and managing that data before deriving meaningful insights from it for Globe Telecom’s marketing team.

To get around these challenges, Globe Telecom has partnered with Cloudera to utilize machine learning. They use Cloudera’s platform to vault customer data, analyze it and use machine learning to analyze data in a predictive rather than reactive way. This has helped the company to improve customer experience significantly and make its marketing campaigns dynamic.  It has helped the company tailor its offerings, sharpen them offer greater customization because of the better quality of insights.

It is to Cloudera’s credit that their platform is able to withstand and work on the large data stream from the 60 million customer base of Globe Telecom. Going forward, the customer base is likely to expand considerably in terms of number and the amount of data that they bring into the system. We can expect greater customer success for Globe Telecom given the strong backbone of data analytics that its partnership with Cloudera brings.

This venture is also excited about the new level of data streams possible with the Internet of Things (IoT) coming into the picture. With such a data-strong backed marketing, Globe Telecom may become one of the first telecom players to make relevant offerings derived from real-time customer insights.

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