Pivotal Greenplum is Alive and Kicking

Greenplum was a California based big data Analytics Company. Its data base software is known as Pivotal Greenplum Database. This is sold through a services company named Pivotal Software Inc. The pivotal greenplum product runs on massively parallel processing ( MPP) techniques. It is one of the world’s most advanced open-sourced, multi cloud database for analytics. Traditional business intelligence blends with advanced analytics in this platform. It deals with all the aspects and integrates all the details of multi structured data. It can handle huge amount of data and deliver various analytical queries in a cost effective way.

Present day scenario

Pivotal Greenplum is a big surprise in the business analytics industry. Since its inception Pivotal’s business strategy has been intriguing. The biggest segment of the business, cloud foundry and the Greenplum database seemed no match for each other. One is a cloud service while the other is an analytical database. The industry often wondered whether the outcome will be profiteering or not.  Recently, however, when one peeped into the Greenplum business, a surprise awaited them. The business was actually going great.  Under the shadow of the cloud foundry the Greenplum had thrived intensely, though their co-ordination  still remains a mystery. Greenplum is a $100million business with its growth rates in  double figures. That is quite an achievement for a fifteen year old company.  The Greenplum database intensified its volume by slowly but steadily adding to its database, while the cloud foundry stole the show. It has put up with its competitors with a brave face as its performance is excellent at a reasonable cost.

The new Greenplum 5 has been launched with extensive database  with various data input, which will gear it up to face its rivals. The ability to tackle multi-workload will enable it to specifically manage the resources  desiged for different type of workload. In this new version , a highly sophisticated query optimiser has been put to cater to the  complex operations. It is also capable of addressing the co-related queries and syncing them in a more manageable pattern. This version has been a boon to multiple cloud providers as Greenplum 5 has the certification. This trait will make Greenplum a forerunner in the industry as most companies deploy multiple cloud fecilities.

There is of course a drawback in Greenplum. It has to offer a proper cloud management. This will help it to become a leading provider and capture the target market easily. More companies  can take advantage of this feature and this in turn will help in flourishing the field of Big Data Analytics.

Final word

Greenplum should offer a proper cloud management provision.  To begin with it may utilise the cloud foundry as a baby step towards becoming a self sufficient entity. Thus a symbiotic relation may be established between the two: Greenplum and cloud foundry.

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