Cloudera Joins Eclipse Foundation IoT Community

Technology is changing with each day and the fact that CLOUDERA has decided to join Eclipse foundation as a solution member is a welcome development. For your understanding, the outfit is an IoT platform that is basically concerned with the business of machine learning and the analytics of such in the cloud.


The coming on board the Eclipse Foundation is total. They will be involved in the working group. Further, there is the understanding of the business agreement that they will collaborate with other members of the IoT working group.


The internet has taken over the ways we do things in business. The idea behind this collaboration is to showcase how real-world interface between these devices and the users can be achieved. Cloudera will work with leading members in the group to fashion out a better end-to-end IoT Framework by combining software stacks for constrained devices.


The major interest of the Eclipse IoT working group is to provide an open IoT that will serve the good of all. The drive in this direction is to effectively collaborate with individuals and groups who believe in this ideology so as to broaden the base of their spread. That is what has brought about this beautiful collaboration in the first instance.

This outfit in question has shown commitment to the open source community since its inception. This collaboration will enable organizations to gain access to industry’s best practices and standards. The result is the fact that they can now access a massive flow of data which they can use to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.


The fact that technology is changing with every passing day also brings to the fore many challenges that should be tackled to clinical precision. When many outfits that share the same goals come together; the result will be for the benefits of the people. New grounds will be broken; challenges will be effectively overcome.

The above sums up the real reason why this collaboration of Cloudera with Eclipse Foundation should be a welcome development.

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