Aginity Joins MapR Partners Program

In mid- September 2017, Aginity, a software company announced that it has joined MapR converge partners program. This association will help the industry a lot.

About Aginity

 Aginity software has a tool which helps in data analytics where by the companies can reuse the data structure and analytics on any environment and platform. It saves a lot of time by skipping long hours of coding and connecting the applications so that it may function consistently. Aginity’s clients include Financial Services, Retail, Media etc.

About MapR

 MapR is a California based Technology company which is going miles in cloud computing. It has the industry’s only Converged Data Platform which enables its clients to handle Big data analytics in a very smooth and cost effective way.

The outcome of the association

The announcement by Aginity to join the converge program of MapR will lay the foundation of a new era in the big data analytics and cloud computing industry. Aginity’s Amp 2.7 helps the industry to manage analytics assets , so that it may be reused in any environment. MapR on the other hand provides servers, data storage devices, networking equipment which makes up the converged infrastructure. As these two have joined hands, together they will provide easy accessibility to process file , tables and event streams on a single platform. Amp supports the MapR converge program to work on-premise, cloud and edge by giving it an analytical layer. Clients will now be happy as they can get their work done almost ten times faster. Amp is already playing its part in analytics by allowing the reuse of data. So now the clients would avail the added advantage of utilising the grade one facilities of data management provided by MapR. The cost connected with analytics will reduce by 90% as the efficiency is upgraded. There will be consistency in the results of the industry’s output. Business analytics could now be integrated with oter systems, like CRM, market automation etc.


 Both MapR and Aginity has a very good history of co-ordinating the analytics industry and their past performance speaks for them. They have supported industries like finance, retail, health care to name some. So it is hoped together they will put their full effort in the progress of the big data analytics field which will result in the progress of the various business.

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