MapR-DB – the fastest new age database offering for Cloud?

ESG ( the Enterprise Strategy Group ) today declared in their technical review, the MapR-DB was keener and faster than HBase and Cassandra, over 10 times faster in the best cases.

This is an important discovery. Both HBase and Cassandra are seen used heavily in businesses which require analytics supporting databasing systems.

MapR-DB, on an average is at least 5.5 times faster than HBase and 2.5 times faster than Cassandra. MapR-DB outperformed both these not only on speed, but also on low latency issues and consistent delivery on the AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) cloud platform.

Testing was conducted in the Amazon cloud environment, AWS and evaluation finished using the YSCB 0.12 version.

The problem with database systems in today’s fast environment

Today’s analytics driven businesses run on dynamic environments. Speed is but a basic requirement for these businesses. Consistency and limiting latency are also equally important today. The popular NoSQL database systems are known to be faltering on latency and consistent delivery.

Outlook for MapR-DB

MapR-DB has been designed with a bottom-up approach keeping in mind data heavy business requirements. The data structures are designed to maintain latency at low levels. These data structures are also highly scalable.

This kind of design is best for applications that require live data analytics and need scalability as the systems expand. MapR-DB eliminates the need for a conventional DB structure thus reducing costs too.

It looks like a sunny outlook for MapR-DB, with the stellar performance test scores in the Technical Review published by ESG. Given that MapR-DB has been built with the big data analytics requirement in mind, it seems like the perfect answer to the databasing requirements of dynamic data-driven businesses of today.

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