Big data systems put companies on new business paths

We know already that Bid Data is bringing upon a new revolution in the business industry. Organisations looking to expand their revenue system are adopting data analytics method to bring out more strategic points for investing. Even some enterprises are breaking down their old previous modular approach to open up with new business paths. In order words we can simply say, Big Data and its analytics is now the force behind the business walls.

However, the road to implementing this new system in the present curriculum is not always smooth. The company iPass Inc. has a clear example on this. The company has used data analytics to design a pay-per-use Wi-Fi system for better optimised connectivity to its mobile connection to its clients. The company’s software – iPass SmartConnect – uses various algorithms to identify and rank the performance of Wi-Fi access points and make it available to the clients for faster and reliable connectivity. All these activities are performed in the Spark processing engine.

As said before, the company had not passed the test in a single run. The system was first designed to use on-premises Spark clusters. This caused system maintenance problems which held back the initialisation of the new developed system. When the company switched to a managed set of Spark clusters from Amazon Cloud services (AWS), the product was finally successful.  Although the revenue collected from the system saw a decline in the beginning. The director of iPass, Tomasz Magdanski was hopeful that the system backed up with 100% data analytics was the answer. Infact, he even claimed that his team members were developing mobile related products based on data analytics.

Analytics behind Web crawling:

A similar enterprise to implement data analytics in their system and broaden their business endeavour is RiskIQ Inc. The chief data scientist of the company, Adam Hunt said when he joined the company in 2014, the system was basically a hands on system where workers would have had to look for websites with risk of being hacked. However, by the next year, the organisation had implemented a data analytics system that collected and analysed all the data collected from the web crawling and generate results in seconds.

Hunt noted this change not only brought more satisfaction in the employees but increased productivity and changed the path model of the business. The model which initially used to store raw files and provide them to customers as when needed, now has changed to helping enterprises monitor and control any internet accessible device, identify risks and threats and how to respond to these attacks.

Today the successful company collects more than 25 TB of data from web crawling 20 million websites. To reduce the memory space, the company converts this collected data in to Apache Parquet Files which results in files with size one-tenth of the original data.

No regularised set of Instructions:  

Each object or machine that we buy comes with an instruction pamphlet which instructs us how to set up the system without a glitch. Even if any glitch occurs, there are set of methods already given to recover from the glitch. However, the same does not apply when companies want to implement data analytics system int heir business model. Many companies report that their installing procedure has been held up due to errors which has no specific solution. In short, implementing the system seems quite complex compared to the advantages it provides.

One factor that leads to such problems is the lack of knowledge on Big Data and its basic concepts. Timothy Leonard, the executive vice president of TMW Systems Inc., said he has to start with the basics and teach the concepts with his fellow employees so as to implement the final system. Within one year, the company had deployed a set of analytics that brought in not only their own data, but data of other addendums which the enterprise highly depends on.

Increased Processing Speed:

The main reason behind the implementation of Bid Data in the business world is the increase in productivity and processing speed the system brings in. ProtectWise Inc., a start-up company which deals with network security issues, have implemented the data analytics in their business models and now claims to record more than 10 billion of data from the corporate network. The company uses this data to analyse various security risks and threats and assures its clients to never lose the data.

Gene Stevens, co-founder and CTO of ProtectWise Inc., admitted that this new technology would help the organisation to reach new heights in the future.


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