How to Protect yourself from the Next Big Data Breach

As the security is the major issue we should try to protect ourselves from the next big data breach. The consumers are worried about theft of data and are searching for the ways to secure the data. You can protect your identity from the big data by taking some measures. Now we will discuss about the ways in which you can protected from next breach of big data. They will help you make your data more secure and also protective.

Recent Breach:

There are nearly 1080 data breaches that have occurred so far in this year. Every byte of data is lurked around due to the dangers. The digitalization is also increasing from day to day in everyone’s life. So your identity is constantly facing some risks. It is a fact emphasized by the bureau Equifax at the recent Breach. The Equifax breach has scared the people to their death as finally said how much of people’s data is out there. It is said by Adam Levine who is the founder of the Cyberscout. He also provides the protection services for the theft of identity. Equifax can be called as the exclamation of the problem.

Credit Bureau’s Breach:

The data was exposed by the CreditBureau’s breach. The data includes people’s birth dates, driving licence numbers, social security numbers and addresses. These are exactly enough to steal the identity of a person. Nearly 14.5 millions of American people lost their personal data. The National Consumer law centre is trying to make out the odds which highly effected the loss of data. It took the credit reports from three quarters of consumers and half of the US population. The struggle with cybersecurity is continued by the Equifax to recover the data.

       When a new site was set up by the Equifax it received a lot of criticism. The new site which is set by the Equifax is, in this site the people can see whether they are affected by creating a page at the domain which is existing. A software engineer proved that it that there is an easy strategy for the theft of identity. A similar URL can be used to create a copycat site which provides the phish for data. By tweeting out a link to it several times the Equifax itself also fell for the fake site.


        Fraudulent Adobe updates were downloaded by the visitors with a popped up trick using the malware on the Equifax site. Most of the headlines right now may be grabbed by the Equifax story as the occurrence is not very far from the being. Both severity and frequency are growing in things like the scale, the amount of data and the scope in which the thieves are trying to get the data. This is said by Eva Velasquez who is the president and CEO of the nonprofit organization identity theft resource center. In fact it was reported by the ITRC in 2012 that 471 data breaches have occurred. But in 2016 the count has reached to 1091 and in 2017 it was nearly 1080 till October 10th. More Than 171 million records have been exposed.  You need to protect yourself because the problem is growing rapidly.  We should assume that the breaches become the third certainty in our life.

We cannot get any protection from the government or businesses so we try in every way to protect ourselves.  It is really unfortunate that we cannot prevent our personal data to be exposed in the next data breach.  You cannot remove your information from all the places as your information is already shared. It actually does not mean that you cannot do anything. Remember that it is not possible to keep all of the data under the key and lock. If you feel that there is a theft for your identity then you can control and also take action to prevent them.

Preventing the theft of identity:

     You should be smart with your information like avoiding the social security cards in your wallet and exposing the sensitive information. You should always monitor on your credit reports as the new way to prevent is to detect. You can set up the fraud alerts if you feel that your data is not secured. Your credit report cannot be accessed by the potential creditors if you freeze your credit.  Make sure that your data is targeted throughout your life and also after you die.


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