The Cloud Native Computing Foundation adds two security projects to its open source stable

Cloud Native Computing Foundation works on bringing together people who are contributing in cloud computing, native apps development, microservices etc to provide innovative solutions to the technology world. It is also considered as the base for Kubernetes container orchestration project, however, there is a lot more to it. In short, CNCF adds innovative open source technologies competitive with other paid apps provided by leading companies.

Recent Security projects of CNCF:

Docker-incubated Notary is one among the two, recently added projects, while the second one is The Update Framework(TUF). These projects were originally being developed by Justin Cappos. These two projects are highly inter-related.

The work of Notary layer is to add one additional layer of trust to any application. The Notary works with the help of TUF.

The need for these projects is that sometimes the security of the server is only compromised. This makes it difficult to send data across websites and web servers. Hence we need another security layer besides the standard TLS protocol. These applications sign the metadata and thereby secures the interchange of data across different layers and protocols on the internet.

These solutions are specifically built for dockers and containers. Generally, developers overlook security while coding and this makes it mandatory to have a different security layer for data exchange. A variant of TUF named as Uptane is being launched for modern cars.

The addition of these projects in CNFC will lead to providing a solution which is cross-platform based. With these projects, now CNCF has completed 14 projects till now. These two projects have been acclaimed and widely adopted by leading companies, few of which are Docker Platform, LinuxKit, Huawei, VMWare etc. It will be a technology, open source companies would be looking forward to.



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