How AI, IoT, and big data will affect the security industry?

Did you know in the next twenty years a whopping 45 trillion sensors will come online? Increasing number of devices in the internet means the need to increase the security of our firewalls.

How AI, IOT, and Big Data will affect the security industry? Well, this is trillion-dollar question occupying most of the tech giants’ mind’s.

AI has proven to be the best alternative for SIEM teams. Though AI alone can’t handle all the pressure, it needs the support form SIEM teams. Big Data, well it is big and it has information about everyone in this planet who accessed internet at least once in their life. Phew! That is scary. How do we protect our data? Again, a trillion-dollar question.

AI is a combination of many things. Deep learning is one of the machine learning algorithms which became the rudimentary pillars of AI.  At first Deep Learning is used to recognize patterns, but now we have come so far that our AI powered software can predict what humans can’t. Data scientist think in the near future, machines will reinvent themselves without any human intervention. This sounds terrifying but scientists say this is for the good and this will be the future. As exciting as the future sounds, we need to focus on now.

With tons of wearable, cars, phones, laptops and many more electronic gadgets online, we generate unfathomable amount data. The age of Gigabytes is gone and we calculate data in Zettabytes. Everything sounds scary. And it is scary. To secure this huge block of data called Big Data, generated by us every day, what should we do.

Humans can’t be alert all the time, but Machines can. So, AI powered software which run security tests are the best bet today. Most of the companies who can’t afford to have a dedicated SIEM teams are opting AI powered software. This software may not always give exact results but mostly correct.

Predictions show that in the next few years AI and Big Data markets will increase exponentially to support the increasing needs of customers.

IOT is definitely the best thing ever happened. And some scientists believe that IOT is the 3rd industrial revolution. All the data from IOT analytics needs to be protected and secured from the malware. The increasing threats of Ransomware is really doing a toll on security protocols of various companies. It is estimated that an average of $1 billion dollars is spent on Ransomware threats annually.

With these in mind, the connected devices are prone to lack of proper security. If one device in the network is hacked all the devices can be taken down in no time. That is why we need to ensure presence of proper security features in the devices we use every day.

The problem is not when AI and Big Data will come together and truly serve our needs, it is how they come together. It is not a very odd combination actually. It is surprising that it took nearly a decade before these two were put together and used as a powerful tool.



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