7 surprising facts about AI and big data in cybersecurity

Cybercrimes are pouring down across the globe without any limit as such. These 7 Surprising facts about AI and Bigdata in Cybersecurity may give you fresh hopes on your current Cybersecurity team.

Imagine how much of that expenses can help build more advanced products! We are wasting a $6 trillion dollar on something like Cybercrimes. That is not entirely a waste, since if you don’t have a cybersecurity team within reach, you may have to spend a lot more to clean up the mess left by the hacker and also to compensate the loss of data due to the hack.

AI and Big Data are a huge part of our daily internet browsing. These two technologies are so versatile that we use them everywhere. Till now, we have seen battles between man (hacker) vs computer but with AI and Big Data computers can battle without any manual support. When worst comes to worst we need to have backup and AI can really be handy in those matters.

#1 Can AI predict false alerts?

Yes, and this happens more often than we may think. Though we may pride ourselves for living in the age of computers and artificial intelligence, most often than not AI can be wrong. This may cause a huge amount of stress and disruption of daily routine in the companies. Well, these false alerts can cause millions of dollars loss, since the company is derailing from the daily routine to fix the issue.

#2 AI needs training and time

This is true. You may think, well we have the code and once we upload it, all is right and AI embedded application can take care of everything. Wrong. This needs time and training with different types of attacks and humongous data sets for the computer to learn and grow its intelligence. This is painstakingly long process.

#3 AI can take wrong decisions at times!

Everybody makes mistakes, but at least we know why we did what we did. But AI not so much. Sometimes there might be controversial statements to execute or some very hard decision to be taken on particular malware. If AI takes a wrong decision and does something unacceptable, there is no further explanation.

#4 SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) team can’t do everything!

Yes, AI can process thousands of events a day without resting. But your SIEM team, not really. This helps to speed up the process and the SIEM can concentrate on more challenging issues at hand.



#5 AI can be gullible in the hands of very experienced hacker.

AI is powerful but depending only on that may not produce the desired results. We have to be very cautious and also remember that you are putting your network integrity and security in the hands of a software. There are intelligent hackers who can easily convince AI that they are no threat.

#6 AI is everywhere and it can protect you in a better way

AI is spreading everywhere, it has more reach than you can possibly fathom. It saves a lot of time put in writing blocks of code. Saving manpower and time again.

#7 AI can even protect your data in Cloud

You can seamlessly integrate AI powered algorithms in the security of your Cloud data as well as the private cloud data. As many companies are moving to Hybrid cloud this is a huge advantage.


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