Hortonworks updated streaming analytics platform updates

Hortonworks Inc. updated its Hortonworks DataFlow streaming analytics platform on 1st February with enhanced provision for complex processes and the capability to share and publish data flows directly to production.

What is HDF

HDF is an open-source resource that integrates governance, security, and management for applications containing real-time processing. It amalgamates multiple open-source projects, comprising the Apache NiFi integrated data logistics platform, Apache Kafka message broker, Apache Storm event processor, and Druid columnar distributed database.

The new version will be extremely useful for businesses in controlled environments that need to meticulously document and govern their data. According to Scott Gnau, Hortonworks’ chief technology officer, as the go-live date for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is only four months away, a trusted provenance of data is going to be more important today.

HDF’s new ability

Hortonworks’s Smart Sense problem resolution enhancement together with optimization software and Apache Knox authentication gateway could provide better manageability of and access to data when congregated with Hortonworks Data Platform.

The chief technology officer Mr. Gnau said, that, they are extending all the governance they have developed into the entire pile, so there’s only one set of governance, metadata tags, and processes. He also expressed that, enhanced security is provided by a blend of Knox and Apache Ranger.

New portable data flows

The NiFi Registry and a new Apache sub-project, enables the development, management, and portability of data flow. It can non-concretize data flow plans and programs to enable users to track and monitor data flow variations at a granular level. Schemas can also be stowed in a storehouse for sharing and versioning of plans. Exporting and importing data flows enables those flows to be easily moved from one environment to another, Hortonworks said.

HDF 3.1 now has the new capabilities to enhance streaming data processes in Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager. A new “test mode” provides developers with the option to build applications using mock data and create part tests for integration into continuous amalgamation and delivery environments.


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