What’s New In Location Intelligence in 2018

2017 was a ruthless year for numerous in digital marketing. We experienced exploratory journalism expose how improper content from household brands was unintentionally helping frauds and criminals. Brands also raised to question the authenticity of the digital metrics reported in various media.

Location marketing also had to bear the brunt of criticism. According to one top executive in the ad industry, in fact, 80-90% of location data till now has been incorrect or inaccurate. But the scenario is changing. The past year has seen data extracted from the device build smarter profiles of customers, changing the way businesses communicate with them.

The industry is preparing to work together to address these issues. As brands look to reconstruct their trust in among the customers, let us discuss a few reasons why revealing the value of specific location data sets will be essential in propelling change in how advertisers and brands can fit in the missing pieces of puzzles around the customer.

A big leap forward in accuracy and precision of location data

Everyone in the digital publishing world knows that their application based service contains high-quality location data. Using these apps, publishers can obscurely keep track of movements and behaviors – these data could tell them where-about of a user, their activities, their interests, and daily habits.

The ground-breaking technology enabling this is SDKs (Software Development Kits), that is amalgamated directly into a publisher’s app, deriving accurate and precise location intelligence to inform rich audiences.

Brands could now access to a host of data sets; from data broadcasted in media (ad serving insights, response and search engine data, device and movement tracking intelligence), to data published by the advertisers (CRM and journey datasets of customer’s and point of interest data). The mobile device is specially positioned as the connective apparatus that conjoins all of these data points, creating a new technology for brands to get intimate with their customer.

Creativity unlocked

With an extremely powerful data set, advertisers are also getting genuinely creative. This creativity is reflected in providing facilities like tap-to-map and dynamic weather chart, location data supplies the intelligence to spark off powerful designs, and memorable experiences within enriched environments that consumers would love. High quality mobile location data empowers you to start thinking about the device that is always accompanying the individual, it is important to be strategic about your use of that data, and smart about how you communicate to them in the right context.

How offline actions could be measured

The mobile is unique in bridging online and offline worlds. It is the only apparatus that the user carry throughout their entire daily life – and pinpoint key actions and interests throughout the day to present a complete picture of the consumer.

Every little movement, action, and behavior is recorded through these data sets, permitting brands to precisely measure a consumer’s activity, footfall measurement could be used successfully to measure- how brands could invest in media campaigns to drive sales.

In response consumers have raised the level in terms of their demand to get personalized experiences from advertisers: location intelligence is the unique technology which allows brands to deliver against this.


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