IoT Trust Building in Location Analytics Market

What is location analytics?

Location analytics as a part of business analytics has gained immense importance over the last few years. Location analytics is a process of business intelligence applied to get geo-specific or location-based data. This has helped the business organization to amalgamate conventional Business Intelligence data with 3-D data.  Collected and gathered through a various medium like cameras, sensors of mobile devices like Global Positioning System and different social media channels this spatial information is analyzed to derive location-centric data which gives a significant understanding about a person or geography. For a business, this data helps make important strategic business decisions. Location data involves both historic as well as real-time and this makes it more powerful than any other data gathered by the businesses.

Application of Location Analytics

Location analytics could be employed for numerous practical purposes. Historical location data is analysed against a map helps to identify disaster or disease (for a particular type) prone areas. This could help to save lives of many. Real-time location data helps to track the movement of rail or road traffic or courier delivery services by providing data from truck or vehicles. Location analytic tools have become immensely important for military services as well for precisely targeting the location of own and opponent’s troop. In the same line retailers and businesses can analyze historical spending patterns of the present and prospective customers across a geographical area or financial status to enhance their business.

Internet of Things is emerging as a leader in the use of location-specific solutions

Vendors in the field of location analytics solution could permit the operation of location analytics services at a very low cost, thanks to IoT like smartphones, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth enabled signals. This has made possible to collect a huge amount of 3-D data and this intelligent data together with the predictive analysis is helping businesses to grow.   

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