Cloudera expands machine learning & data analytics footprint

With the introduction of Cloudera Altus with SDX, the Cloudera itself have emerged in the field of machine learning. The Cloudera Altus is widely used in those business cases where multiple data analysis is required.

The Shared Data Experience- SDX is applied to combine data mainly from different sources. These data are then used to a single coherent and picture. Vikram Makhija, Cloudera’s business unit general manager also said that SDX and Cloudera both helps in multi function analytics. He also said that it helps in big data analytics cloud sprawl. For the businesses to capitalize on their data and also to avoid the cloud sprawl problems Cloudera is the best solution. For any machine learning and analytics, Cloudera is perhaps a smart choice.

Cloudera highlighted that due to the cloud services there are many organizational challenges. The reasons are due to the fragmented approaches and the discrete models, it becomes a challenging part for the companies. IDC Market space, Asia Pacific Data and Analytics Platform in the year 2017, said that IT buyers who invest in big data, they are considering a wider approach rather than just using it for a single approach.

Big Data Analytics (BDA) helps the individual business units and to establish the ROI. But the challenging part is when there is an attempt to replicate the success and to achieve more function groups or LOBSs. Many renowned data analytics only support single purpose workloads. Thus they cannot solve the business cases and these are highlighted by Cloudera only.

Data needs to be stored in a new format, policies needs to be redefined and also needs to be manually moved from service to service. Cloudera was first introduced in the market in the last year in September. It helps in multi function data use, it is more consistent and it is much less expensive to deploy.

Cloudera also said that, SDX is a modular software framework. This is centralized framework system, governance, security, data ingest and lots of other features are included. It also helps in running a set of customer applications together.
The Altus cloud runs on the Amazon Web Services AWS and it also offers may features. The Altus Data Engineering is used to simplify the job creation and to troubleshoot for the users. The Altus Analytic DB is a warehouse for data which removes complexity and also expensive data movement. With the use of big data analytics altogether will help the customers.

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