Louisville’s SCALA Analytics group Next Plan?

The Steering Committee for Action on Louisville’s Agenda (SCALA) after several months of formal meetings have decided that eight to nine member of the board directors will manage the group. The PNC bank executive Chuck Denny, David Jones Sr., who is the Humana Founder and Sandra Fraizer who is a public relation firm owner are the organizers of the meetings. On Tuesday afternoon, David Jones said in the SCALA meeting that they all would like to split the responsibility. He is happy that they got a good group and they can get more chance to organize themselves to sort out the issues.

Jones Sr., first time said to the media that the meetings comprised of four and the group gives a presentation. The members ask them the questions related to it. In the past meetings, the presentation topics included mostly about improvising K-12 education and the air service in the Louisville International Airport. He said that only on three issues the groups were more focused.

Theresa Reno-Weber, the Metro United Way President, and the CEO, also the head of public safety committee in SCALA, said that they are planning to bring changes in their working styles. They want to improve their community and raise funds for various programs and also to change the policy.

There is much criticism of SCALA¬’s attention only on K-12 education. As they are trying to democratically elect the local schools. Many of them also call the group to be an elitist group and also secretive in nature. Jones Sr., responded to this criticism and said that they are not bothered about these comments as they have earned the positions. Their main aim is to be together. First-time media was included and they are not sure whether in the next meetings, media will be included or not.

SCALA in the Tuesday meeting mostly stressed on education by Jones Sr. He said that all the kids should have the right to education and the biggest problem faced is that only 29% of the African- American kids are eligible to read. He also told that the number is really shocking for us and they have decided that they will get this number fixed for future.  He also said that for any successful man, education is the main key. So the children should be given the chance to read and write. When he was asked how people can understand about SCALA, he responded that we should first fix public education.


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