Hortonworks, Waterline and Confluent are trying to make Big Data easier

The analytics industry giants have thankfully understood the complexities of the product they are selling and came forward to do something about it. In the last two weeks, three of the biggest vendors who design big data products Hortonworks, Waterline and Confluent have announced separately they are going to simplify the process of accessing as well as managing their product.

An offshoot of Yahoo’s Hadoop team Hortonworks has offered management services for its Hadoop dispensation. Confluent, who developed the very popular big data product of Apache Kafka, a platform for streaming data has decided to make their SQL query layer generally available and one of the important stakeholders in the space of data governance has supplemented new GDPR and features related to data optimization in their catalogue functionality of core data.

Hortonworks responded to the yell for help

Probably the most practical offer is being made by Hortonworks allowing their client to avail an additional subscription level for both Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) which is called Hortonworks Operational Services.

According to the company, the subscription includes an entirely managed environment and continuous access to Horton’s technical support team and engineers for the customers. Horton’s objective is to design an operational service which reduces the complexity of building, deploying and managing big data both on the premises and in the cloud.

It was used to call turnkey installation, which was once the way IBM used to manage their sell and service for mainframe computers.

Special K by Confluent

Similar to Hotonworks, Confluent was also established by a group of people of a bigger company to support an open source technology. The team that designed Apache Kafka founded Confluent to support, enhance and develop an enterprise distribution system around it.

KSQL developed as a Structured Query Language for streaming data. KSQL provides the facility for streaming data to be addressed and queried like static tables and then could be joined in the stream. KQSL is till date available as a general release as integrated part of Confluent Apache Kafka distribution platform.

KSQL is enabling an increased number of developers to work into the streaming data platform than those who had to deal Kafka’s very own application interfaces. KSQL furnishes a comparatively easier and much simpler level of abstraction into a quite complex data structure set and commands enabling a number of mainstream developers can now work on the IoT analytics.

Waterline’s new Governance

Waterline has declared that their data catalogue product will be available in a full-fledged platform including GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation of European Union) complied application and also a system of virtual data lake management and optimization. It was a pre-existing platform but to ease the access multiple layers of applications have been deployed on top.

The new GDPR application is targeted for handling by the Data Privacy Officers (DPOs) and Data Stewards incorporates audit generated risk assessment, an operational dashboard monitoring system and workflow facility for case management. Data optimization application helps to merge extra data sets and a larger scheme to represents all data sets which creates a virtual data pool.

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