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SAS has tossed up a new data preparation tool called SAS Viya which is self-served. This new self-service data preparation tool enables any non-data professional to access, shape or re-shape, purify and modify data with the help of an instinctual interface. It could be done without the help of an IT or data specialist. This data preparation tool works on data stored in a variety of system in real time which include relational databases, SAS data sets, Apache Hadoop, CSV files and social media streams. It certainly helps the business to act more quickly and confidently on their decisions which in turn increases the efficiency.

According to one of the directors of the company SAS Data preparation, which is a cloud-based service empowers a non-specialist to create a profile, standardize and match data without anybody’s help. This, in turn, will able the analysts and data scientists to identify mistakes before data is fed into the analytics pipeline programme.

At a period when organizations are attempting to eliminate or shorten the lag time between an event and its action, this new tool will have a deep impact on digital business and may transform the face of it.

It enables to work autonomously

The intuitive visual interface makes it easy to prepare data without any technical difficulties. The data could be shaped and blended independently and integrate into the business analytics pipeline. It leaves the people in the management to concentrate more on strategies with the insights needed.

Data preparation time become shorter

The tool helps minimize the preparation time and provide an opportunity to employ more time to analyse them. The tools memory is programmed with inbuilt transformations and data cleansing function to enhance the processing speed and the data visualization, preparation and advanced analytics are integrated seamlessly. It results in more time for exploring data, find answers and act on the situation almost in real time.

Data preparation plan can be reused

SAS Data Preparation tool helps to generate code automatically to run schedule every time there is an update of source data. So, it saves the time of duplicating the work. This plans or any plans prepared could be saved to be used by others. Thus, workloads are shared and it benefits all.

Collaboration is easier

SAS Data Preparation tools give you the advantage of sharing a job which could be managed centrally. The Project activity feeds could be set so that teams and individuals are notified of any changes and updates. This way the task could be shared and reused, updates could be posted and working together as a team helps extract more value from data.

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