Hortonworks Data Platform 3.0 Enables Deep Learning Workloads

What is Hortonworks Data Platform?

Hortonworks Data Platform is a platform to deal with large volumes of data from various sources. Its capabilities are used in big data analytics. This is an end to end solution which provides capabilities to store, process and analyze data.

Hortonworks Data Platform 3.0 Features


Various corporates have evolved with the revolutionary IT Industry. IT sector has provided new ways to traditional companies to store, analyze and act upon data. This process has been undergoing from various decades. Earlier, computers were used to store data digitally to avoid glitches of sticking to paperwork. Then, with the advent of various technologies, the computation of data was made possible at faster rates than any human can think of. Gradually, the computation skills of a software were being used to make complex processes simpler. Now that there are enormous IT solution provider companies, the data collected by various such companies is scattered. This is data is generally used for only very specific of purpose but with advent of big data, a new possibility to combine this data came into existence. Now this is where containerization plays its role. The scattered data stored by various applications can be made more valuable if combined scientifically to produce a result which could not have been possible if these data stores were considered as separate entities. With Horton data platform 3.0, containerization is possible by squeezing twice as much data into the same capacity as before.

Deep Learning Workloads:

With greater capacity to accommodate data, it has also made deep learning workloads being able to run on similar environments. With deep learning workloads, it is now possible for end users to create pools for data so that GPU access can be dynamically altered based on demand. The deep learning applications have a huge scope in the upcoming market for most of the business and hence with this feature, Hortonworks data platform has opened the gates of new business for its customers. This will be a major booster for various customers who have been deploying separate solutions to enable deep learning workloads. Putting all under umbrella is crucial for both, providers as well as clients. As corporates move big data workloads from on-premises to the cloud, Hortonworks data platform enables its customers to adopt a hybrid data architecture for its diverse applications with any of the cloud providers.

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