Predicting Future Online Threats with Big Data

What is Big data?

Big data is referred to huge chunks of data that are too complex to get processed using traditional applications. With big data, one can expect large volumes of unstructured data getting retrieved or processed at high rates. This data comes from a large variety of sources and hence needs a lot of processing to provide a meaningful result.

Big data and Online Threats

An online threat can be defined as any threat that is facilitated by World Wide Web. They tend to utilize vulnerabilities of digital world to create panic among any online user. Big data plays a major role to counter this threat. Big data is not only large amount of data. Rather, it refers to a data set which can be analyzed. With great capabilities to process data, big data introduces a lot of ways online threats can be predicted as well as tackled in advance.

As big data enables faster processing of large data, it significantly acts as a tool to find patterns and trends in digital world.

Let us try to understand how big data can help in such scenarios.

Detecting deviations or irregularities is not possible manually when the volume of data is too big. Also, the situation worsens because the number of sources increase to a large extent when patterns need to be found out among users from different backgrounds. This is where big data plays a major role. It helps in not only reducing time to analyze data but also to provide more accurate results. As soon as any irregularity is found out, after further analysis it is sent to concerned people or authorities for further actions. Big data also helps in detecting and reporting anomalies in various devices. A very common example is detecting banking frauds. Whenever someone tries to login into your online bank account from an unidentified IP address, triggers will be fired automatically to inform actual user about the anomaly. Also, user authentication can be blocked temporarily if any such trend is observed for any user across the world.

Database analysis is possible because of big data. There are a lot of databases which stores sensitive information but are vulnerable to online threats. It is possible now to identify and mark such databases to improve the process. A lot of personal information like address, mobile numbers, email ids, payment information, etc. are accessible to hackers by deploying latest technologies with malicious intentions. The last decade has shown us that this data is used for various ill aimed purposes and hence there needs to be a system of checks and balances on them. This system is possible because of big data’s ability to process networks to find vulnerabilities

Big data opens a new world of possibilities for hackers as well as those who identify online threats. One needs to constantly grow for the upcoming challenges of this sector. Big data plays a major tool in tackling any such complex processes.

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