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Scala Consulting specializes in supply chain and logistics. Its executive director, Dave Howorth, has recently opened up about his experience with the technology in food and drinks supply chain management. Let us take a brief view at the opportunities and challenges faced by the adaption of latest technologies in this sector.

Importance of technology:

Ever since the advent of technologies that can not only create or display data but also analyses it to produce meaningful results, the food and drinks supply business has taken a huge leap in terms of business as well as efficiency. This segment is very common employment generation across the globe and hence a large proportion of people are directly or indirectly connected to this chain as a service provider or consumer. Looking at the wide scope of this business, it was very obvious for companies to provide technical solutions to accommodate challenges faced by the people of this segment. There have been immense innovations as well as technological advancement in food and drinks supply chain management in the last two decades which have taken the standard of operations at a complete new level. Nobody can argue the fact that there have been a large number of companies which are able to survive in the competing markets only because of technology. The leaders who share the largest share of market are dependent on better technologies that they have adopted in previous years. Even today if any of the leading companies stop investing in technology then it won’t take much time for someone else to take over its position in the market. The data that is produced at different levels of chain is not only used to inform other levels about availability of goods but also to analyze its own growth. Technology has enabled this segment to self-assess the points which are taking business upwards or downwards. Big data and cloud computing has made the storage, processing and availability of data easier than ever. The rest is driven hugely by data analytics. In the recent years they have proved why one must be open towards finding problems in its own management and make necessary changes accordingly. With digitization, this has been made possible for consumers at all levels. A dealer can see the performance of any product and can make decisions on future investment. An end user can track the delivery of products and can make better choices for future orders. A manufacturer can differentiate among the products that are bought the most and the ones that give highest margin of profit and can adjust future production accordingly. This is enabled by the technology driven market.

Keeping all other perspective in mind, one must not ignore the fact that technology can not solely determine the success of any food and drinks supply management companies. It constitutes only an important part which can give meaningful results to the related people. The efficiency is empowered greatly by human resources who are the significant part of this supply chain.

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