Emerging big data technology trends

Much similar to the frequent updating of trends in the fashion industry, there is also a much more frequent updating of trends in the IT industry. Big data is arguably the latest trend which sure is here to stay for a long time.

What is big data?

Big Data refers to the large amount of data that cannot be processed by the traditional applications and require much higher level of sophisticated applications and algorithms to be processed. In very simple words Big data is data which is BIG, i.e. in such large quantity and across divisions that it is not possible for your conventional data application to process it.

Big data analytics refers to the processing of this big data so as to find patterns and observations that shall be useful for the brand or the industry.

One of the best examples of Big data can be the customer search data which can be used to provide you with customized advertisements.

Emerging technology trends:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence gets much more intelligent with the use of big data. The Big data results are being used to improve the quality of AI products. Machine learning is also hugely dependent on the big data analytics and results to improve its functioning. IT can be said that machine learning has been possible only due to the advancements of the big data industry.


The ecommerce sector will be hugely beneficial from the improvements in the big data field. With better handling of the customer and seller data, it will be possible to provide seamless connection capabilities between the users and also much better order processing and customized choices based on the customers previous transaction history.

Internet of Things:

The IOT or the internet of things is probably the most important factor contributing to the big data field. As the number of internet connected devices increases, the data generated also increases exponentially. The IOT devices will get much smarter, thanks to the advancements in the big data field. The IOT devices in your home will communicate with each other and also with the cloud where the big data processing takes place and will take decisions based on the available data.

Data Security:

The security field is one of the fast-growing fields in IT. This is due to the increase in the cyber crimes and also increase in the sophistication of the cyber criminals. Big data combined with artificial intelligence can be a crucial factor in alleviating cyber crimes.

Live Analytics:

The data analysis will soon be able to provide up-to-the-second insights on the databases as they get updated each second.

These are just a few of a large number of upcoming trends that are springing up in the Big data work space. It is not in vain that several of the emerging companies and also the existing big companies are working on big data.

Big Data is here to stay and it is surely going to affect almost all of the fields in the IT industry.


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