The Future Of News Is Artificial Intelligence

With technology affecting nearly every aspect of our life, it is not unexpected that the way we view the world, the way we get to know about the events occurring around the world and the way we learn about different cultures is also going to Changes. The News industry is going to upgrade itself to match with the I.T trends. The Future of News Is Artificial Intelligence.

How things Changed over the course of time.

There was a time when people used to wait for newspapers to get to know the daily news. Then came the radio which enabled large number of people to tune in and get news on the go. The television arrived later and it became much better to view the news broadcasts live from the comfort of homes. With the expansion of Cable T.V and Dish T.V s several news channels arrived on the scene and people had a choice of the channel and what news they preferred to watch. This was the beginning of personalisation of news. Later arrived the game-changer, the Internet and the choices available to the people became boundless. People had to personally go over to their favorite blogs or websites and get their daily news. With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the field is going to have another major breakthrough.

How Artificial Intelligence is going to change the game?

Powered with the capabilities of AI, news is going to be personalized as per the preference of the individual. This is going to bring about several changes in the news industry.  News-as-a-service model will allow you to become much more specific about your preferences.  Since every coin has two sides, with customized news, you will be also getting customized advertisements.

Imagine that you are an avid football fan, the AI based news system can automatically alert you of the upcoming or on-going matches and also whether your favourite teams are playing. If you are not able to view the match, the AI system will make customized highlights videos of the main events in the game and also give you a choice of reminding you of the upcoming matches.

How long until this is available?

It is not much further in the future that you will be able to do this. In fact, several News companies have already started using AI and automation to improve people’s news viewing experience. Services similar to Netflix shall be made available to the people where individuals can pay a small subscription fee to get high quality content delivered to them which will be customized according to their preferences. One of the features of this types of systems can be the detection and filtering of fake news.

Since everybody has to keep up with the times, the news industry is taking its steps to be updated with AI and automation. This is surely going to make work much easier for the Media Organisations. As customers this will surely improve your news viewing experience to a great extent.

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