The Rise of Streaming Apps, And What Developers Need to Consider

Unless you are living under a rock you must have heard of and even experienced Netflix. Netflix belongs to the small but fast-growing group of streaming services which are gaining popularity and are expected to replace the traditional cable and DTH television systems in the near future.

What are streaming apps?

Streaming apps are those that don’t save any data in the end users system but download it from the cloud servers as and when required. Some famous streaming apps include spotify, amazon video, hulu. Traditionally people downloaded data into their devices and then played or used them, streaming allows you to access the content before it is completely downloaded. You can start accessing the content as soon as you open it. Streaming also includes live streaming where the events going on in real time are streamed over any network so as to be accessible to people from any corner of the world.

What developers need to consider when developing a streaming app

Let us consider a video streaming app similar to Netflix is to be developed. There are a few key points to take into consideration by the developer:

User profiles, Authentication:

Video streaming apps are rarely provided free of cost to the public, and thus they require a user profiles section and also some methods of authentication of the users.

Social features:

Social features allow users to connect to and share with their favourite people the content they find interesting. This also could lead to expansion of the customer base of the apps as users bring in other users.

Simple navigation and search features:

The presence of easy to use interfaces allows for the people of all types to be able to use your service. Availability of search feature allows people to find their favourite content.

Watch lists:

The feature of watchlists will allow people to save the content that they wish to watch later. This also can include notification systems where the customers are alerted of items in their watch lists.


Content catering to different languages and cultures:

This feature allows for expansion of the customer base in a very effective manner. People are always happier when they have access to content in their own language. Multilingual content will expand your business across geographical borders.

Menu displaying content divided based on the genre:

A menu which categorises the content based on the genre into which it falls and also the age group for which it is intended to can have a great effect in the users experience of using the system. This catalogue can be as diversified as required by the users.

Monetisation details:

While developing a streaming app the monetisation details are to be taken care of by the developers. What are the subscription plans and what are the price ranges of those subscription plans.

Listed above are a few important points to consider when developing a streaming application.

The rise of streaming applications is already being witnessed to a huge extent and it is surely here to stay and is going to be the go-to entertainment method in the future.

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