6 big data visualization ideas and tools

Big data analytics has been used to comprehend the large pool of customer data to get awareness on the sales patterns, predict the future ratings and resolve any current errors that hinder the productivity.

Here we look at 6 new ways that big data visualization can be used by enterprises.

Bringing big data visualizations to the front:

Organisations are increasingly finding ways to create visualizations that are useful to the front-line employees. There have been examples where the visualizations with great narratives and interactive models have affected the stakeholders while taking major business decisions. When people get an idea of their outcomes in visual details, they are more likely to take better decisions.

Relate between space and time

Big data visualization helps in connecting the patterns along with their space and time parameters. The location data expands much larger than just having a map. Big data helps the enterprises in effectively analyzing location and time data that can lead to better insights in their customers requirements and thus improve their productivity.  Big data visualization is used to predict when and where the customers could show up. This information can then be used to create better experiences to the customers by improving the delivery times and addressing urgent issues first. The location analytics data can also be used to find the most efficient locations for opening up new stores.

Visualize the feedback of the employees

Big data and visualization can be used to get insights into the conditions of the employees and also to get the feedback from the employees on how they can work to improve the organisation’s overall productivity. Employee turnover is a problem faced by several large organisations. This issue can be addressed by using a personalized strategy for the employees where the employees can feel that they are heard and have a say in the organisation. Big data visualization can be used to visualize employee satisfaction across several fields in their business and to predict the employee loyalty. This can be used to predict whether an employee is likely to leave the organisation and how that can be prevented. This goes a great way in reducing the expenses of the company that occur for interviewing and on-boarding new employees.

Mapping to the real world

Data visualizations can be mapped to the real-world conditions to make it better understandable. An example could be the visualization for a flight seats analysis for an airline. Based on the real-world data, a visualization can be made for the plane where the seats that are shown to generate higher revenue can be highlighted and those that are less preferred by customers can be shown to need some more promotions. This can improve the efficiency of the airlines marketing strategy and improve their sales.

Better supply chain management

Data visualization can be used to improve the real time reporting on the inventories, sales, pricing and thus can be used to predict future demand and growth. The data analytics tool has to be designed such that it can be integrated with the day to day working of the organisation. This tool must be easy to use for the employees so that it would be adopted by them. The data obtained from the day-to-day functioning can be used to determine steps to improve efficiency and increase the growth.

Recognize workflow hindrances

The managements of organizations spend a great deal of their time in planning the time duration of new projects. When the projects are lagging, it causes a lot of trouble in pinpointing why the delay occurs. This is where big data analytics and visualization comes in. IT helps in identifying the hindrances.

These were the 6 big data visualization project ideas that can help your business in improving its productivity.

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