AI-based analytics solution delivers ‘world class’ judicial data platform

AI or artificial Intelligence which has been creating a ruckus in almost all the industries has a new customer now- The Judicial System. The step was taken by the Abu Dhabi judicial department where they used AI based analytic solution that made the best use of the available data to provide better results by improving on the time taken to make the decisions.

The Abu Dhabi Judicial department (ADJD) approached SAS who is a top player in the business analytics software and services field with the requirement of obtaining much better insights on its judicial environment which ranges from civil cases to criminal cases and other related services.

SAS is a enterprise that specializes in creating products that are of great help to the business or institutions to make better decisions in all the fields of their environment which can include the financial decisions, decisions on the future plans, security and decisions on their productivity. They are one of the top brands in the data analytics and business intelligence sector.

The ADJD had the requirement for better quality of decision making and for improving the overall working of their judicial system. They also required dashboards and better comprehension by making use of the infinite power of AI and machine learning. They currently use the SAS Data management suite which contains the SAS Data Integration, SAS Data Quality and the SAS master Data Management components. They also have implemented SAS visual analytics at ADJD.

How this will help ADJD?

The power of AI which is made use with the help of SAS has added value to their work. This has enhanced the quality and the consistency of the judgements.

How SAS was Chosen

The ADJD had been initially on the lookout for a tool to help them with the reporting process. They had tried out several solutions by a variety of vendors but they had found that the ones provided by SAS were the best fit for their needs. The complete functionality of all the tools has not been currently utilized and ADJD is currently working on strategies and management planning using these tools.

The current uses of the system

The current solutions provided by SAS are being used for the purposes of executive reporting and management reports. The three main phases are:

Phase one: Visualization of data: where viewing the performance of the organisation is done and this helps to better understand the performance.

Phase two: Governance of Data: Where data quality is improved and synchronization is done. This also consists of producing a single customer data report.

Phase three: Case analytics by making use of AI and Machine Learning: Finding connections

The areas of Improvement in the future

Since the solution has been currently only applied to a part of the whole system, the major future goal is to integrate all the processes and other business departments thereby allowing the deployment of SAS throughout the organisation.

What infrastructure had to be altered to implement the new system

There have currently been no systems which have been replaced or upgraded. The future plan is to gradually replace the infrastructure by implementing the SAS’s solutions across the different businesses.

The return on investment

There has not been a return on investment as of yet but this factor does depend on the business adapting the solutions. The true return on investment is expected to be achieved when all the tools are replaced with the SAS solutions.

The solutions provided have helped the ADJD improve their existing system to a better judicial data platform that helps them to identify the cases and their relationships and also help them in improving their working by improving the quality and time taken in decision making.

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