Data and analytics trends to watch in 2019

 Data is said to be the new oil. It is now more than ever that there is a huge revolution in the field of data and analytics.

As the year 2018 passes by and we welcome 2019, we shall here have a look at the trends in the data and analytics fields that are going to be the highlights in the upcoming year (And also here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year).

The Rise of Decentralized Computing Systems

With the increasing processing capabilities of systems, the requirement of sending all the data to the servers over the networks is not necessary. Edge computing is a technology which uses the power of distributed computing wherein the data is processed over the collection of devices inside a network. These are the devices that can be used to collect and also store the data. The data can be processed and then presented back to the end user. One of the main advantages of this type of system is the reduced transportation overhead that comes with sending all your data to a remote server that does the processing and also again sending back the processed data. In a way the data in the edge computing models truly resides at the edge of the system. Edge computing solves all the problems that rise due issues with the bandwidth, latency and connectivity. Another advantage of this type of systems from the security point of view is that the data, if it does not go to the internet is much safer. The data being stored and processed within your systems reduces the chances of data leakage to a large extent. Edge computing is a major trend to keep a watch on because it will increase the efficiency of data processing and reduce the costs for data transportation.

The almighty Block chain

There have been a large number of advancements in the block chain technology but there is still a potential for lot more. Block chain which announced its arrival to the common man with the arrival of Bitcoin has several applications spanning across fields. Block chain allows efficient peer to peer networks rather than the traditional client-server model. Block chain technology also makes sure that once something has been entered into the block chain, it is done permanently, meaning that it cannot be tampered with. This property of the block chain is what led to the development of crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and a lot more. Block chain is going to have wide range of applications from the food industry to the cyber security industry. Surely a trend to keep an eye on.

Live data processing by IoT devices

The billions of devices that create and share data is what makes up the Internet of Things. IoT is already up and running and a major advancement which is going to be a game changer in the IoT field is the ability to process data in the real time. This essentially means that the data will get processed as and when it is collected rather than storing it and then processing it. This is becoming possible due to the advancements in the machine learning and predictive analytics fields. The data helps the machine learning algorithms to improve themselves and thus improve the processing again. a win-win situation for all.

The use of the dark data

Dark data refers to the data which was stored over time but not used due to its unstructured nature. With the increase in the processing capabilities this data will become useful and thus provide great insights to the end users.

These were the 4 major trends in the data and analytics markets that are to be kept a watch on in 2019.

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